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Name: atarawillow
Location: California
Last Seen: Wed, 13 Sep 2017

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"How powerful am I? I am as powerful as I think I am and I'm as powerful as I want to be." ~ Atara Nightwisp

I am in a closed polyamorous triad and am not looking for any more partners. Any attempts at flirting will be shut down and harassment will get you blocked.

My circle name is Atara Nightwisp, formerly Atara Willowsong, and I have been studying and practicing witchcraft and various forms of paganism for over a decade. I'm currently a priestess, supposed to attain high priestess this Yule at which point I hope to start my own coven. I identify more as a witch or pagan than a Wiccan. I used to identify as a Wiccan until I came to the conclusion that the Wiccan Rede was a wonderful thing for those who could confine themselves to it, but not the path for me. I practice various forms of magick and witchcraft, including but not limited to divination, protection, bindings, etc. I am prone to psychic dreams and visions as well as being an empath.

I identify as eclectic pagan and my matron and patron are Morrigan and Loki.

I used to have a profile under the name of Silenthealer. and more recently under the name starstruk.

I smile rarely, but magick in all of its many forms makes me happy.

"I find beauty in that which is hidden, secret. I find joy in wiping the dust off of an old book found in the back of a thrift shop, adding a new key to my keychain and wondering if I'll ever find something that the key will unlock, wearing a piece of antique jewelry found in the attic. I like codes and riddles, even if I never figure out the answer. I like ancient symbols and learning the history behind them. I love the ticking of a clock, and taking it apart so I can see the inner workings. I love the feeling of leather on my skin, running my finger along a cold steel blade, feeling the weight and texture of a stone in my hand and the energy that resonates from it. I love feathers and bones and handcrafted merchandise. I love the unusual and the strange, the beauty that one finds when one explores outside of the realm of the ordinary. The sweet kiss of the full moon, the sound of the wind stirring the leaves. The feeling of the lines on a palm when I hold someone's hands in mine and the calluses that tell me where they've been and how hard those hands have worked. I love hearing the stories behind every scar and every tattoo. I crave intricacy and substance amongst simplicity, rarity amongst a world of mass produced pieces." ~ Atara Nightwisp



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