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Name: DarkEyes
Location: any where
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 20 Dec 2009

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my son is my life and his father took him he a new born baby he was born 28 nov i have no friends they turn on you sooner or later i was born with powers so plz don't try and hunt me down many have tried and have pay for there action to me

thing my xs give me

I think the world of you and you know this too.

You know everything I think about. Even if it's not about you.

You hold my life by a string,and you know I can't do a thing.

Why do you use me so. It's not enough that you break my soul.

You have to chain me up......

I should have never gave in.

feeling my heart cave in.

For you see I've grown a liking to the pain somewhere deep within me.


I see your tears and i think only i could have done this to your sad soul.......

but in the end it's truly you doing this to get back at me.

You hate me so much,and yet i love you with everything that i am....

A black rose on a black floor in my black heart

feeding on my hate for you. It's killing me can't you

see? The seeds of your love are planted deep within

me. Loving and hatting all at once over whelming for

my heart. You won't be happy untill im afloat in the

curent of the River Styxx. You have no guilt,no

soul,no heart,and no warmmth. Always wantting from me

untill I have nothing left for me, and now im giving

what I really don't have. You've taken it all! I am

nothing but a drained corpse on your never ending

shelf of want. Now I am forced to write my only

emotions out on these blank pages. Pages as blank as

my love is. As big as my hate for you. Sometimes I sit

in the dark and wonder why you choose me. "Why has

she taken my life away?" These thoughts never fading

from my mind, playing forever in time like a broken

record of pain that no one seems to take the time and

stop. But how can this be? The pain deep within me

burnning brightly, even without you beside me. No

doubt building in my mind, and just as I think I'm

finally free. You come back to mother me. Knocking on

the unsteady door in my mind. Untill it's too late and

it falls down, and you seep back into my heart and my

mind, untill the only way to get you out is to replace

you with something else. I don't know if my choice of

the replacement for you was a good one or not, but

it's too late to go back now. My finger is pulling the

trigger slowly. Ya that's right im replacing you with

a led bullet. The only thing that will take you and

the pain away forever!

diff ex

WHat you do to me

The darkness plagues

my wake

i can not take another

breath for it is closen in

darkness reuniting high above us all

can't stand to break away from thought

thinking of her without away after thought

light starts to sing and bring abotu a

gentle stream of love from above

she is the one of dreams the girl who owns my soul

within her own

darkness never to rule again saved

by an angel


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