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Name: tobu
Last Seen: Sun, 23 Aug 2015

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im a dork braker and nerd braker and brysing old timer dork braker

lol yeah keep up my topics and give me revokation from posting in forum so i couldnt defend myself good job peoples. you are doing great so far and you are so smart and majure. not me a bad english speaking person. big king brysing would be so proud of you children.

to hadit 93

I suggest writing a complaint more formally and maturely and submitting it if you truly feel a need. But i think if you grew up there would be no need. I expect you will be gagged soon and these posts deleted, so this serves as a helpful suggestion for when you make a new account and wish to cause trouble.

i think i got gagged and censored before my posts did so i couldnt defend myself and it would make you look good and smart and not butthurt at all.

to h2ofricki or whoever you are

Don't you dare start calling me names. I very much agree with the poster above me, you really need to stop using poor English to accuse a man of doing wrongs which most people, bar you, don't see.

Your posts are directed at Brysing, why would anyone else chip in.

bawww dont call me names you hert my feelings. poor english this and that. is it truly your only put down. english isnt my first language and since you sayd that brysing has helped so many and has ben good against so many then i say where are all those people sticking up for him regardless if my issue is with brysing or not. lol you are dork. oh did i call you name. also in my topic called lol is still up abut all my responses are gone. lol . its not like you can delete unwanted members and topics in a blink of a button . damn you people are terrible at your job in this site.

signs of being horrible.

block your oppoment in forum and dont let them defend themselves and leave the topic up to make yourself look good and smurt

delete all my responses and keep this whiteknighting chicks topics there.


i have atchived my goals so yeah

you c?in some reason think i would make accoutn after account to bash this dork brysing. no im actually not and got what i wanted and even better what i wanted so there is no reason to do that.


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