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Name: Blossomgirl
Location: Waiting to rid myself of my human form
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 25 Oct 2016

Membership: Member

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I will remain alone until every Supernatural, Mythlogical, Otherkin, Human Being Treats me with Respect and take me seriously and Promises what they Promise!

If A Promise you don't keep

It will Haunt you in your Sleep

and as you lay beneath your Quilt

You will have a Conscience full of Guilt!

"Wolves are a Symbol of Freedom and Reckless Beauty, Howling to the moon and running like the wind to where ever their heart's desire." /unknown

Deep into the Darkness Peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, Doubting, Dreaming Dreams no Mortal ever dared to dream before... /Edgar Allan Poe

Human Beings are Disgusting, Contaminated, Sinful Abusive Creatures that ever lived on this planet and I hate the fact that I am still one of you!

I hate liars, hunters, Human Beings, cigarettes, God, Jesus Christ, Rp, the government, being used, being lonely, having epilepsy,

I love Forests, Meadows, Waterfalls, Volcanoes, Oceans, Snow, Dark Nights and Full moons.

Interests: Pokemon, Yugioh, Winx Club, Biology, Boxing, Martial Arts, Nature, Batman, Toys, Astronomy,Nintendo, Animals, Plants, supernaturals, Superheroes, Charmed, W.I.T.C.H, Trollz/Its a hair thing,

If I was an Avian and had wings I would want Black Feather Angel Wings like a Raven. If I Could Shapeshift into a Dragon I would be a Black Dragon that could breathe Fire. If I was a Wolf Shifter I would want to be a Black Wolf with Yellow Eyes. If I could become a Mermaid by touching the ocean I would want my Tail to be Aquamarine or Violet in Color.

I'm in a Wolf Pack The Packs Motto - Wild Souls, Tamed Hearts, Chosen by the Moon Now We Run With The Beast

Don't Trust anyone on here who says they can do a Spell for Money They are Scam Artists!

"Reality is an illusion to keep people sane. The use of magic bends the illusion and people see magic. Magic bends reality, in turn bending the illusion that everyone sees." Post this in your profile if you agree."

In a relationship

Message Me a Color

Onyx Black = I want to talk about the Supernatural/Otherkin/Mythological with you

Quartz White = I don't know why but I feel something strange when I look at your profile

Ruby Red = I'm a Supernatural/Mythological/Otherkin who wants to be your friend

Amber Orange = I'm a Supernatural/Mythological/Otherkin who can help you achieve what you desire

Topaz Yellow =

Emerald Green =

Sapphire Blue =

Cobalt Indigo =

Amethyst Violet = I'm Supernatural/Otherkin/Mythological

Rainbow = Ask what you want to ask me

Why is it that I give my respect to everyone on here and sacrifice so much to them but no one shows their respect back to me and keeps their word?

I keep getting let down, betrayed, annoyed, but still I trust and respect everyone the way I want to be respected but still you all let me down

I am sick of all human beings and supernaturals and to me!

Supernaturals say "Move on with your life and forget the past and focus on today and you will achieve that what you seek" and I say "I have done that for months but still my changes in life have not accomplished what i have hoped for and they never will because making life better for myself as a "human being" is not accomplishing to being supernatural.

Now that I have been hurt again from a so called Supernatural I trust none of you you all are liars even the Pack i'm in are Liars and don't care about me

I'm willing to pay a price but not my soul or sex or pledge myself forever as anyones servant

LordFoxsow you didn't even give me a chance to respond, I gave a thought and was going to respond with the Raven Sin of Humiliation! Also Homosexuality is not a sin!

What do I crave/desire? I desire but one thing "Freedom"

I hope a Supernatural like a Mermaid or Fairy will contact me and grant my wish.

Moderators please ungag TrueDemon I apologise for his profanity


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