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Name: StagandMoon
Gender: Female
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Hello there :) you should get a reward or something for finding my profile

I've been interested in the spiritual path for as long as I can remember. My family consists of a small bundle of Orthodox Christians. Despite this I have never felt pushed into my beliefs as many people unfortunately are by their religious families. They encouraged me to explore and find my own way of life- so here I am!

I think I hold the title of Ultimate Lurker. I rarely comment on forums and if I do I spend ages rewriting and checking for errors :/ I am also rather awkward so I might struggle to find what to say if you message me.

I've been lurking on this website from a fairly young age. I used to only visit the spell section and try teleportation/vampire spells/whatever else interests a naive kid but I learnt quickly enough what real magick entails. After a while I began looking at spiritual ideas with more interest and just sort of built up my beliefs bit by bit. I found more and more things on this website click with me. I've never been really religious- heck; I don't even know what I am now! So I'm still in the process of learning and figuring out what's right with me.

I've studied on and off for about six or seven years, which is to say not a lot considering the amount of times I decided to turn away from this path or not take it seriously enough. The things I have studied are:

-Divination (with a hand-made pendulum of string and a ring :P)

-Elemental Magick (no, not elemental-bending from Avatar or pyrokinesis or the like. That kind of magick has yet to be proven as working)

-Working with spirits

-General charms and spells 'n stuff

I am currently very interested in establishing proper communication with spirits. If you know anything about the topic, feel free to send me some tips :) Now, about messaging in general: I don't mind idle chat or off-handed conversation about magick. However, please do keep in mind that I am a reserved sort of person and do not enjoy being spammed with few-word messages. If you have a question, feel free to ask! Although I don't know how much I can help anybody to be honest. If you want a chat about something, cool- I'll listen! But make it about something. Also, I do not do spell requests and I cannot and will not turn you into a vampire/unicorn/weregod/kingofdemons because physical transformation does not work as far as I have experienced in my lifetime. Neither do I do love spells. That kind of stuff just doesn't sit with me :/

Blessed be my noble mothers- Isis, Aine and Athena


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