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Name: xanose
Birthday: May 17 1994
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 13 May 2014

Membership: Contributor

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Greetings. I am eighteen, this body at least. I am interested in many forms of magick and us to be a master of a few forms,(new life's suck don't they.) I don't have much to say. I am a dark person who writes dark poetry, for the most part. I enjoy nature and am willing to protect it at any costs.


My poems.(a few of them)


Wasteland Stars

Upon the yonder I cast my sight

The heavens where filled with points of divine light

As I pondered the secrets of the world I saw

I saw the death of the heavens

I saw the lights flicker out of existence

With a sigh I was plunged into the darkness of the devils heart

The fear of the hunting wolves is strong

The primitive side of your hearts is strengthening

The untamed mind is ferocious

The want of a full moon to hunt by is your greatest wish

Your blood runs cold

Your mind fails to reason

Your heart is pounding

The moon has died

The stars have faded

The sun is set

The land is barren

The coyotes howl at the darkness

The owls cry to the night

The sand rises with the air

The darkness overtakes you

Overcomes your mind

Surrounds your body

The ground is cold

The air is misty

A fog of gloom surrounds your horizon

The future is hidden from your view

The past is but a distant and foreign thing

The present is a world unexplored to your new mind

The deserts wrath is stinging winds

The suns heat is unyielding

At last the stars come to the sky

At last the sky is alive


Twixt Shadow And Light

Hellhounds run neath thin moonlight.

Twixt Shadow and Light, Through mist and fog.

From flame and shadow.

Silent cries tear asunder the night

Hellhound run through shallow night.

Nights cold breath fills the air.

The fields of wheat bow in the wind.

A Dirge tolls, A hymn rings out.

Hellhounds run through silver beams.

Strands of silken light illuminate their fur.

A solemn howl, the mournful cries.

Running through shadow and light, Twixt fog and Mist.

Running neath shades of grey.

Runnign txixt lighted shadows.

Howling a dirge.

Singing a hymn of pain.

The Hellhounds run neath a veil of tears.


The Road Of Destiny

A road unknown but I walk it alone

A road unseen but I find my way

A road through the unknown world

A road of unknown danger, but I am unharmed

A road of life and death

A road of light and darkness

A road of all that is and all that is not

I walk the road of destiny



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