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Name: lindseylou
Birthday: Dec 31 1992
Location: United Kingdom
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 27 Jul 2015

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Witchy Info: Beginner Witch, learning as much as i can through online research and practice in the art of kitchen/ecclectic witchery, specifically the art of white magic. I had a very brief interval of a few weeks with a tutor, but unfortuntely the priest i was learning from had to move away from my area and my learning coven was dispanded. I am predominantly focused on learning energy based aspects of the craft and am less likely to follow the faith/deity portions of spell work due to the fact that I am neo-christian (that being, i am a believer of the christian god but i'm not consigned to the church.) But i do however praise the 'goddess' as the energy of mother nature/gaia/earth, and thank her for her gifts when performing ritual. I'm hashing into calling upon the guidance of spirits also but i'm hesitant to take this further without deeper (credible) knowlegde on protection from negtive forces, which i wholly believe exists. Both in energy and spiritual manifestation. I'm very interested in herb lore and protection magic (the latter is something i've actually felt drawn to for a very long time.) and have also been learning divination via tarot for about a year now :) though, without having a real sense of community for a while now i still feel like a complete rookie. A little more about myself: I'm 23, and I'm currently studying fine art at the University of Bolton in the UK. I live in a house with 5 other girls which can be a nightmare at times, but admittedly i feel very comforted by feminine energy so i like it anyway haha. I see myself as a pretty positive person with a fairly plucky personality on most days(illiteration ftw,) and when i'm not it's probably because i've severely depleted my chocolate stash and am finally crashing from the sugar high. My likes and dislikes are: (a) Sleeping, reading, dogs, drawing and writing & (b) Spiders, Deadlines, coffee and having to wake up before 11am -in that order ^^ (I'm a bit of a night owl but who isnt? lol)


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