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Name: DarkSummon
Birthday: Mar 24 2001
Location: Darkness
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 29 Jul 2015

Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
hey guys I'm a tomboy (bi-sexual) and I am totally obsessed with dragon spells, vampire spells, werewolf spells, and definetly Neko spells! I wouldn't love to be just a normal person I want to be different from humans. I would love to be any type of dragon, werewolf, vampire, or a Neko. If anyone knows any real working spells of dragons, werewolves, vampires, or Neko spells I would be honored to hear.

Kik : Breysteel2187

(For information of real working spells/wanting to know me see for yourself)

*my spirit animal : Wolf

*my true ability : the mind reader

*my myth : kitsune

*how pretty I am : naturally gorgeous

*soul age : new born

*my weakest pain : emotional

*my opposite self : nerdy

*my anime date (^_~) : Lelouch Lamperouge

*my angel type : fallen angel

*goddess type : goddess Ishtar

*my zodiac Prince : the Scorpio

*my death sin : sin of Belthegor

*what makes me attractive : my personality

*my supernatural secret : Sorren (the werewolf)

*my mythical species : hidden guardian

*my ghost that protects me : Megan (loving music but got killed by her parents by wanting to live in her music)

*my pasta best friend : masky and hoodie

*my saw trap : the Pendulum trap

*people fear of me : my dark twisted mind

*my shapeshifter : demon wolf

*pasta that's obsessed with me : eyeless Jack

*my skyrim race : Argonian

*my Pokemon : Combusken

*my demon : archdemon (upper high-class demon)

*my pasta protector : lost silver

* my horror story : smile dog

INFO ABOUT ME (that's actually allowed here to be typed)

-I'm not that tall but I'm 14 (4'8)

-I play football and track (being short takes advantage in sports) (^_~)

-I don't like school but love P.e.

-I workout 3 times a day (people are sometimes scared of me when I get in their territory)

-I was put to the hospital for Thanksgiving in 2011 and I had the most painful experience (you would know if you knew or had Crohn's disease)

-in my free time i listen to music/watch pewdiepie/ watch markiplier

-I have a disease called Crohns Disease (not contagious and I was told I wouldn't ever play sports again but I outsmarted my disease now I'm living a happy life once again)

-I play call of duty, (all versions), black ops ll, and modern warfare (all versions)


Animals/ fantasy creatures.

Helping others with their problems.

Nice people

Doing school pranks

Rock, rap, dubstep, nightcore, and skrillex.

Anime mostly action, horror, and any type of romance

Meeting different kinds of people

All kinds of dark things

Horror/sci-fi movies

Boys and girls


People that judge for good looks

My grandma (always slapping my behind)


Dressing like a girly girl

The color pink

Guys that show off

Girls that are bossy


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