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Name: TheGravenOne
Birthday: Oct 16 1991
Location: Somewhere in my own reality.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 18 Jul 2015

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Well! I'm unsure on where to honestly begin here. I've been here then there, there then here. Down the rabbit hole and back again per se.

Among the occult community and the group I'm involved with in California, I am often called as the Graven One.

Though to more humanize myself I shall introduce myself properly. My name is Tony, simply Tony.

I hail from Clan McMillan, a direct descendant of Ancient Gaelic Druids and 19'th Century Neo-Druids. Even holding this lifestyle even into this day and age through myself and my family. As a few of us still practice the craft

Having learned of and about Gaelic Druidism from my Grandfather, Charles Y. McMillan. This was where my spiritual path began.

At an early age I had an absolute fascination with the wilderness and being an herbalist. I have always had gardens growing up and have learned to imply these herbs that I grow into spells from my own research and family teachings, as well as using the herbs as medicine from helping ease anxiety with a rosemary and lavender tea or smudge, from helping induce vivid dreams or even lucid dreaming with the Mugwort I grow.

All in all, I'm just trying to make the world go around as best I can. Doing what I can to make all around me peaceful and calm.

From this path after a while I began to research things more along the magickal lines of Hoodoo and the study on the faith of wicca, learning the links and differences between Wicca and Druidism I was so intrigued.

So I delved deeper into my study as the years went on. Learning to do rituals with the moon cycles, and even learning to make use of magick to help keep what would do me or my loved ones harm at bay. Such as hotfooting and so on.

I've seen great progress over my life! And not one person can tell me this isn't real!

For the last few years though I've been deep into the study of New Orleans Voodoo. Learning who the Spirits are and how they are invoked in a different faith other than the one I was first introduced to early in life.

However! I can not tell you what I practice in all honestly, because there is ZERO right answers for that. I dabble in all! I am simply, a Pagan. A man of not only our realm, but the realm of spirits.

As they are always close to me. I can hear them when I meditate or preform my rituals and rites.

Here is my thoughts on faith...

No set faith is more correct than any other. As EVERY way is just another path to the divine, to get a bit closer to the Spirit in our own way.

Each, a different path to the same end result.

Understanding and compassion, logic and knowledge.

Together we'll obtain unity.


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