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Name: Sapphire_22
Location: Oregon
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I am over 40 and just now exploring my spiritual side. I was raised a Christian and to believe that blind obedience was the way of life. I was always wise beyond my hears as a child and had a foresight that stumped my parents. I would also levitate in my sleep sometimes hitting the ceiling before crashing to the bed when I was jolted awake. I was raised to believe that psychic abilities were not of God. Then at the age of 22/23 something weird happened.

I was walking in the frozen food aisle grocery shopping with my mother when I heard the voice of a woman. She wasn't in front of me, behind me or anywhere close. She was persistent. Her family was in the school supply aisle and she needed to get a message through. She sounded desperate, so, I said nothing to my mother and left to find her family and give them the message. It was regarding a very important document. I found the family. I forget her name but when I said it they looked at me as if they has seen a ghost. I gave them the message, told them I know it all sounded strange and that nothing like this ever happened to me before. I emphasized told them the general location of the document and stressed they should scour for it. It WAS there based on the info I got. I walked away wishing them good luck. My mother asked where I went, I was honest with her, she called what I did evil and told me never to do it again.

A few weeks later the matriarch of the family found me in the same store, ironically in the same aisle. Apparently the woman that spoke to me died and the document was her Will. I heard on more voice like that, in the same store, in the same frozen food aisle, again with my mother. She suspected what was happening, held my arm and as all controlling, manipulative Christian moms can, "persuaded" me that doing the right thing was wrong. I have not received another message from the other side since.

I know I have abilities but research and lesson from the proper sources is hard to come by when you don't know where to look. I owe it to myself to explore this side of me I always knew was there. This is where I begin. I wish to do so with the foundation I was raised in but from a spirit of love, freedom and acceptance.


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