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Name: Telo
Birthday: Apr 15 1987
Location: Wichita, KS
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 19 Mar 2017

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Hello im Telo,

I am just starting out in knowing actually what Wicca is. I have always felt connected with nature, the moon, the sun, and all things in the universe. In my teenage years i learned about Chi and how to move it and manipulate it. That soon led to other things like connecting with nature and respecting it as a whole. feeling a leaf brush against my face and feeling its energy connect with mine. It guides my every move. I also felt connected with the moon and sun drawing energy from them on a daily basis. Feeling the sun recharge me as i sit in meditate in it.

Soon after i decided to start asking questions about these things.Of course my mom was not a fan to say the least. I grew very discouraged after talking to family about what i had been feeling. I was told "things like that are the devils work" of course being family i listened but being a teenager i practiced what i had learned and tried to combined it in secret with what my family raised me on. As most i was raised to be a christian, so i stopped my research and just took what i had learned from back then.

When i became a adult my old belief's became different from every one i had grown up with. I noticed that i was practicing more and more and developed my own ways of thinking. I developed what i believe and it slowly turned away from Christianity and more of the ways of energy and nature and doing odd thinks like thanking trees for their shade on a hot day. Gazing in to fire and again thanking fire for the warmth they gave me. Greeting the sun each day with a welcoming smile. Sitting under the moon in all its wonder and feeling connected to it like to old friends that dont need words to exchange conversation.

Now i have continued my research to find out if their are others that believe the way i do, think the way i do, and of course act the way i do. Not finding much luck in the christian community i started looking at other religions and i came across a site on witch craft. It was talking about Wicca and Witch Craft. Im sure you can imagine my surprise when i read it was not satanism or the work of the devil. It was what i believe in words that i have never written down or never seen. I know i still have a lot to learn and i learn more every day. I want to meet people that believe in the things i believe.

My interest: Wicca, Witchcraft, Magick, Energy Manipulation, Crystal Work/Magick, Candle Work/Magick, Friends.

I have a strong background in energy manipulation any one that needs help understanding how to use their energy or how to draw power/energy from other things i can help and always willing.

Thanks for reading

Blessed be!


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