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Name: LucensStella
Birthday: Aug 7
Location: U.S.A
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 28 May 2016


Membership: Member

Personal Bio
hello I am LucensStella

I have begun my journey into Wicca and I am what is called a Wiccan Seeker

I am not ready to call myself a Wiccan because I feel it would be disrespectful to all the Wiccans before me if I just called myself Wiccan and wasn't initiated into Wicca hence why I am calling myself a Wiccan Seeker (thank you Lark for the suggestion)

I am learning all I can about Wicca and I have had many questions on here about Wicca and I want to thank Lark who has happily answered them as I asked them. She has given me so much help and wisdom about Wicca that I am thankful for. She has inspired me to keep on the path I am setting out on even though she might not realize it. She has made me realize that my true path and calling is to Wicca

I will continue to learn and grow in the ways of Wicca and become even more knowledgeable. I will find a coven either close to me or somewhere further away but not to far to where I may be welcome in as a member and initiated as a true Wiccan.

I believe everyone has a right to their own beliefs as long as they are not far fetched.

here are some notes for beginners

- No you cannot fly or levitate with magick it is utterly impossible

- you can not turn into any mythical creature

- always practice and study

- you are not always going to succeed on the first try with a spell

- you need to put as much effort into a spell for it to work and you shouldn't have doubts that it won't work your negative thoughts could counteract the spell and it will be less likely to take effect

-if you don't know something it is best to do research on it

-if you have questions ask

also rules for mailing me

-it has to have a subject

-no just saying hello, i expect for you to have a valid reason for messaging me

-no asking me to cast spells for you

-no asking me to turn you into something

-no flirting i will block and report anyone who does

-yes you may ask me questions on stuff i may be knowledgeable on but do not expect me to know everything

that is all

many blessings

Lucens Stella


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