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Name: Assasin7
Birthday: Jul 3
Location: Anywhere except my vessel
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 17 Aug 2015

Membership: Member

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The darkness grows. I can feel it. Can you? You say psychics aren't real? A fool you are. Ask me anything you want. I have nothing to hide.

I am one of the cursed. A small group of people who had one of their ancestors cursed by a dark god of hate because they did something AWESOME but bad for the god. Now we have powers that allow us to see people's deaths, the darkest reaches of a black hole, and the end of everything. It is a horror that never ends. I am one of the few who have found out how to control that power and manipulate it. So now I can see anything thing I want. Sadly I cannot see people's past with out touching them or amplifying my powers.

If you are one of the cursed please message me. I would like to meet some more cursed.

I would like to test your mind. Complete this puzzle.

The Salt is Over The Salt lake On the bridge I am on. The answer is in this sentence. Find it and give it to me.

Puzzles Completed: 5

People who completed my puzzle: DragonSilver, XxSammxX, cottontail3, AkashaHart

Answer to last puzzle: Tomorrow never comes

I created this profile to have a voice. To see if people will listen to me. I was wrong. No one listened to me. I don't want that to happen to anyone else. If you have something to say and no one will listen. Tell me. I will listen and others will hear.

I saw something. Something I wasn't supposed to see. A beast. Raised in the dark. Raised by an army. Ruled by a king. A king who lost his way. Went mad and is killing his creator. This beast will turn his eyes towards Earth. His king is already here. Preparing for the arrival of the beast. This is only part of the forbidden knowledge I have learned.

I only deal in the mind. Do not ask for any material objects.

If you need anything, just ask. My powers are almost to it's highest peak. So, you think I don't know the answer your looking for.

I don't answer questions like:

Where are my keys?

What is the number on my mailbox?

What is my real name?

How many pets do I have?

If you give me any questions like that then I will most likely not answer them. You have no right to ask a question that you know the answer to.

Some jerk decided to mess with me and gagged me because of a misunderstanding. So please do not message me until I get this all worked out.


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