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Name: ierrose
Location: Derry, PA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 27 Jul 2015

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hi! I'm ier. No, do not spell it Ier, for that is not my name. I will not answer to it. Don't worry, I'm not picky about much else. Now that that is out of the way...

Hobbies: I am a writer. My biggest dream is to write a book and a play. I am currently producing the later. What I will actually do as a source of income, I have no idea. Maybe a welder or shop owner. I also love to draw, sculpt, and craft. I am very artistic and creative.

Music: Everything. I can listen to it all. But I love Dark Cabaret and singers like Emilie Autumn and Voltaire. I do like a few songs from Thoushaltnot, and everything from Evanescence and Inkkubus Sukkubus. My favorite song by the later is "church of madness" and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Fashion: I am sort of goth, but more of a lazy goth. I was die hard for victorian fashion and now, more of a cyber goth. Yes, I do have "emo" hair but the one genre I can almost never hear without bleeding ears is screemo, even though I have great respect for those who preform it since I know how difficult it is to sing in that style.

Path: Don't really have once. Though I'm sort of an eclectic wiccan right now. I research religion for a hobby, and not just my own, and am a very spiritual person. I have no issue with talking to people of different faiths since I believe we all follow the same energies just under different names. Please do not hate for this.

Aspiration: I dream of buying my grandmother's farmhouse where I can place a cottage in the section of woods on the property in a clearing I only know of dedicated to my religion. I hope to have the shack filled with herbs, crystals, and supplies to make my own candles. That way I can hopefully have a gathering of witches where we can all celebrate our beliefs together! Is it sad I already have plans drawn for the cottage?

Favorite Poem: Alone by Edgar Allen Poe

Favorite Poet: Robert Frost (I know, it's weird.)

Favorite book(s): Thirteen Reasons Why and Odd Thomas

I am a hat collector. I also love Antiques

Yes, I am in a relationship with my girlfriend.

Yes, I am still a bit heartbroken from my first love.

I am welcome to anyone and honestly, really friendly.


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