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Name: LunaDiSangue
Location: Midland, MI
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 07 Dec 2016

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Personal Bio
I'm sure this bio will change in time after I get more aquatinted with the site, people on it, and with who I'm becoming.

I'm generally a very happy friendly person that sees much of the light in everything and everyone.

I've been described by many one that sees everything in rose colored glasses - which would be true.

I love art, nature, and feeling the light in everything.

I'm just getting started on my journey towards finding who I think I may be, compared to who I was living as. I now as of Feb 27th have a beautiful blue eyed baby boy who is my whole world. I have vowed to become the best I can be for him, to find my purpose so he has someone to look up to since his father isn't one for that role.

Who I am - I know my name, what I generally look like to other people and know of a few passions that I follow in life which are art, anything earthing, and love.

I've always been one to want to go against the 'grain' of society. I'm not into the build a debt, get married with kids, build more debt, work every single day, and die routine. Nothing against you if you're into it, but not for me.

But to generally answer who I am for all of you is something I cannot do, because I haven't found 'me' yet. I've ran into a wall of sorts lately. I find that everyone else's path I was on towards finding 'me' was just sending me in circles.

I wouldn't say I'm christian, but I'm a firm believer in the great creator. I just refuse to believe many things that have been shoved down my throat growing up in the 7th Day Church. Why would they say loving and fighting for the Earth is evil? Why would they say that trying to find your 'own' inner light is a sin? God placed my inner light there for a reason, and I plan on finding it.

Why have I found myself on this site? I feel something inside of me that I feel needs brought out, but I'm not sure what it is. I feel some sort of 'power', I guess you could call it. A sort of light that wants to penetrate through. I've always seemed to have a very bright effect on peoples lives that I come in to, so says them. Anyways, I hope that this site, the forums, and the beautiful people on it can help me maybe find a stone or two down the right path to finding who I am inside and what I can emit.

One oddity I've always noticed about myself is the power I seem to set off. Rooms I'm in always have lights dimming and etc,. I'll pass multiple street light and they'll each do something as well. Same with most electronics. They just don't like me or something.

The god I find most intriguing is Thoth, the thrice times great. And I do not worship gods. I embrace them and they have embraced mankind at the level we a re at


- Herbology

- Runes

- Astral Projection

- Meditation

- Homeopathic Healing Practices

- Druidism

- Positivity

- Energy Harnessing


Color/s - Purple, Green, Yellow

Food - Avocados with chipotle powder sprinkled on top

Time of day - 8:43pm

Animal - Dragonfly (technically a bug, I know)

Numbers - 8,12,33

Hobbies - Painting, swimming, cosmetology, starring at walls until my mind goes blank

Band - Florence and the Machine

Shows - DragonBall (all of them), Doctor Who, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries, True Blood

I'm not really talent or experienced in anything thus far, but hey, we all were beginners at one point in time.


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