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Name: new_order
Location: out banishing demora
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 27 Jun 2015

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Ok listen this site is based around the existence of magic which also means a majority of you also know of and believe in the existence of demons (Demora). I realize how much of a joke this will sound like but I assure you that I do not kid when I say I am here to recruit those who would remove these evil from our world.

No I'm not crazy believe me. There used to be another group dedicated to the removal of Demora from this world but they were wiped out by their old ways of thinking and the amount of Demora allowed to enter our world since has skyrocketed.

Today there are still those who hunt and do the best we can but we are out numbered. we are fighting a loosing battle and need more like us.

I wish to form a new order based on one of the laws that Demora must obey to exist on this plain. The law of life. Which states that winch has not and does not live cannot harm those who are.

We don't want particularly young people for this group but are willing to train and teach the young to join later in life. This is a serious commitment to take and though we will allow any means of removal of these entities we would still like to teach you the ways of the old order. After all they existed for 2 hundred years removing Demora from the earth so their methods are most effective.

And I realize this sounds cultish. However please don't be alarmed beyond removal of these entities your life is your own.

Now I'm going to explain the hidden threat of the Demora the one most people don't know exist. They unbalance the world they are not meant to exist on this plain at all and them being here brings all kinds of havoc. The previous orders research showed that the amount of demons directly relates to the amount of insane people and to accidents of deadly proportion. They also seem to effect humans in places of power causing wars all this quote on quote terrorism is an effect of demons running rampant.

All we need is people to join the fight and remove these monsters. If you legitimately want to join message me either here or at

And peace be with you for reading all this and remember its your choice if you want to help us or not.


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