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Name: Joepuffer
Birthday: Sep 20 1991
Location: Bellevue MI
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 30 Aug 2015

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I been a solo pagan for over 12 years I taught my self everything I know, I am awaker , I awaken your true element and your true aura. I love to learn and want to find my right path and maybe a coven. I have a few gifts as well talk to the elements. I. Very friendly so don't be shy I am turning 24 call me Joe ,Joey Or Yuki thanks :) I am a gay man deal with it it dose not define who I am.

Likes:anime, books, swimming, spells, out doors, waterfalls, movies, music , dancing etc.

I am a telepath my main elements are water/earth as I was born September 20th under 2 star signs. I get along with all the elements and respect them as they should be , a aura reader and I learned to astroproject after I came back to life from a 6 month coma at age 13 . I Have been brought back from the after life 2 times. I enjoy reality dream combat, chatting, sparing etc so please send me a flick of your outer aura as I know you want to chat or what not. I prefure the paths of Wicca and Celtic I can read the stars, star signs, love signs etc. I'm very out going, happy, laid back and down to earth I demand respect as I give it to those who have shown me it unto my self. Want to know any more feel free to msg me or catch me on forums or live chat. Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again!!!

May The goddess bless you and your loved ones for ever more.

Spirit animal: Black panther

Magic: Black/ white, AP, charms, runes, elements ,candle, wards,shields, blessings.

My Students one for each element






I have Kik as well JoeyP844

Everyone keeps asking me If I know my own Aura color, Yes I see mine as clears as others how ever I have had over 30 people tell me the same thing about what I already know here it is

>> You run more with the higher psychic talents. Which is good. People like you are needed in the world if it is to ever recover. Your a lover and a healer. While you will fight if you must it is not where your magick truly lies. You have a temper but dont like expressing it. You would rather work things out via communication. You love with all you are, but are easily hurt, but you know that is who you are and pick yourself up by the boot straps and keep plugging. You've been through a lot and know you will go through more. Your path goes that way and you accept it, sometimes you have a hard time letting go of things that has happened and at times it can cripple you. I can see your aura being blue with some violet/indigo mixed in, as you use the higher self more then most. You love being touched and such things sooth you on a deeper primal level. You know you have that deep primal level, but now always how best to express it. Sometimes I'm sure it has scared you.


Look Into my eyes and tell me what you see.

In your eyes and face. Deep soul. Deep searching, wanting, needing, a want to be whole, a want to be fully needed and appreciated for who and what you are. Not just pieces like your bf's have done in The past. There is pain in there as well. Trauma that hasn't fully surfaced yet, but has been poking at you. I see a feralness in there as well. A wild feeling that wants to be let loose and there is a part of that that wants to rend and tare, as well as to make and feel another's mouth on your neck, to growl at you while they are lovong you. To have claw marks and to give them. You've not had that have you? Your eyes bare the burden of seeing, feeling, and experiencing to much and not being able to share that with some one on either a friend, or

Lover aspect.


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