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Name: Variados
Location: In your closet.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 28 Oct 2011

Membership: Contributor

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Personal Bio

[i]Contact me at[/i]

This information is as accurate as far as my knowledge of myself. All is questionable. If you have an specific question for me, ask and I will answer as honest, direct and well behave if possible.

[b][u][i]DO NOT PM ME, I WILL NOT ANSWER[/i][/u][/b]

Artistic Name: Variados Uruibi

Age: 23

Goals: To destroy "the" world

Dreams: To create "the" world.

Expectations: Stay in bed till late and do nothing after getting up.

Purpose: To entertain, annoy, learn, and teach.

Ambitions: To know and be known.

[b]Favorite To "______" list [/b]

To do: To sleep and eat.

To watch: Animes, movies, and intriguing shows and series

To kill: Flies

To stare : computer, wall, tv, people, and ceiling

To destroy: Computers, cars, mirrors, and shiny things

To observe: people, plants, sky, animals, and me.

To eat : Spaghettis, rice with milk, Cheese cake, cookies

To drink : Water, tea, coffee, milk.

To talk : Nonsense

To listen : Jokes, music, and me.

To point : The obvious

To use : You (kidding) Tools such as car and computers.

[b]Favorite "________"[/b]

Weapons: Pen (a stick will do), spoon, forks, Katana, and rocks.

Colors : Primary colors especially blue.

Elements : All of them

Animes : Sailor Moon/Cowboy Bebop/DB saga/Kyoh Karah Maoh/Mononoke (few more)

Skateboards Brand: Blind and World Industries.

Current TV Shows : Fringe, House,

Trilogy : Back to the future

Actors :Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Nicolas Cage, Johnny Depp

Singers: Gloria Trevi, Enrique Iglesias,

Rappers: Vico C., Big Boy

Duets : Tatu

Bands : Lp, The Pillows, Mana,

Songs : Angel (within temptation) Arigatou (Bon'z) What's Up people (Maximun the hormone) few more to long to mention.

Sports: Tennis, Soccer,

Books : The Bible

Questions : Where am I? Who am I? What time is it?


Some individuals might speculate of how much I know; All I can say is that I am flattered. I am not knowledgeable when it comes down to terms. This makes me sound silly when talking about the occult arts. I tried to learned all the fancy stuff like gods, or goddesses, or all the kind of deities out there. It seems my brain just discard that kind of information. It comes down to the point that I just will drop it. Most of my knowledge is base by experience or what my grandpa taught me. Recently, I started researching more just because of the terms (meaning about 8 years). At the end, I do not practice anything that can be consider out there. I am not a spell caster, nor I perform rituals. Most of what I do is meditation. This keeps me going in my daily life.


4/3/09 no progress on the music part. O_O SO SCARY. TIME IS FLYING.

Hopefully, in may I will start back on my classes and by that time have at least two songs done. I will be coming off and on to this site. I thought about not coming back for a while, but I keep on getting messages in this site hahahaa... and I do not like to leave it without replies. Plus, I will try to be more articulated on my post and avoid the idiotic ones if I do not have time to waste.

4/5/9 I decided what to do in the next few months.

4/6/9 My first visit to an OPERA.. WOO HOO. It was AWESOME!

4/12/9 made my first weird beat..

4/16/09 Performed a spelled. *_*

4/19/09 Joined a band.

5/12/09 Back to school.

5/16/09 My second meet with my very first student.

6/25/09 start new classes.

7/04/09 The Independence day, and my birthday.

The end of the year, I probably will know how to play two instruments in a so so manner. Also, my Japanese should improve, and my English as well and not forgetting about my Spanish. Of course, you might think this has nothing to do with magick.. and probably it does not.. hahah...As magick goes, I am doing the usual as always. [Usual includes, meditation, tarot readind, P.A. and E.M.]

06/01/2009 I added another link to my music.. CHECK IT OUT!

11/26/10 I will be back to the site to edit my profile.

PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT YAHOO.. I really do not like pms.


[i](more than the ones above)[/i]

Variados the nickname was born in 1999 but officially used around 2001. Uruibi is the second nickname given to Variados (Variados Uruibi). Uruibi was created to serve as a last name in 2004. Variados Uruibi is the name given to a ghost writer to a magazine that never came to be. This magazine was going to be called {Shattered}... The user with the nickname Uruibi in this site was made by some one else other than Variados. This account was given to Variados because of the nick, but the person who uses this account has all the right to use it even if the information was misleading.

Variados outside the internet is referred with many other alias. The more commons are "C", Chila, Ce, Ceci, Mar, Tita, smiley, Maria (for some weird reason) and Margarita... O_O. Also, I got gagged twice by the same moderator. Ain't that awesome?


I used to be in different covens never last more than a month. I guess I am not a team player. One of them was Dragon Magick, I was interested on what they were based on, lasted probably three days. I went into was Time Mages I believe.. O_O I am not sure. In any case, I practiced a lot of what they are based on, so I wanted to see if I could learn something new. I did not stay long, so I could not tell if I learn something or not. It was a good coven when I was in there. Then, I tried to make my own coven, but it got rejected. It was cool, the name did not fit the guide line. ^_^... The last coven I belonged to it was Eclipse. In the coven I broke protocol. It was really unintentional, nevertheless I did it. I do not regret my leaving (since I lost the purpose of it). That is the best coven so far that I being into, but it does not fit me or I do not fit in it.It is a coven I will suggest the most. I believe that is all the covens, I browsed in it. If you think I will be a good essence in your Coven, think twice. I will analyze, criticize and put little or not much effort in it. I am not a good team player. But if you have a question or a thought about something and you think I might bring something new, then just ask.

[u]FORGIVE[/u] my weird way of writing things, I know my grammar sucks, and my wordiness makes it worst. ^_^ Next year, I will make it better.

[i]VARIADOS TV[/i] will come up pretty soon, but not so soon...

In the meantime.. enjoy my weird music..' O_O '

[b][u][i]DO NOT PM ME, I WILL NOT ANSWER[/i][/u][/b]

[i]Contact me at[/i]


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