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Name: DragonQueen
Location: somewhere between the under and over worlds
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 15 Jun 2009

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oi there!

my name is DragonQueen ^w^

i'm a dragon

I am a healer and energy user

i am a very spiritual person and i love nature and the elements.

i like to use meditation as a way of contact to the spiritual world, myself, and to just relax and draw in positive energy.

i have visions in my dreams or future warnings that tell me somethings. i like interpreting dreams and i'm pretty good at it, most dreams contain messages and tell you things about yourself disguised as metaphor's and symbols. i can read people (not read minds) but i can tell of what kind of person they are, i can sense bad vibes or good vibes from peoples energies or i'll just read their eyes, which helps me in picking out my real friends and who i can trust.

as for me...

I'm the shy and quiet type but once you get to know me i can be a cool person^^ and if i trust you i'll start opening up to you more and more. i'm very observant, at times i can be really serious but if your a good friend of mine you will see the real me. i'm not like other girls. i don't care what people think of me and if you get on my bad side i will consider you an idiot and a nuisance but all in all i'm a very understanding, kind, loyal, and honorable person. things don't really surprise me anymore if you'd like to try go for it!

My goal...

is to help and teach as many people as possible who ever needs it, i am making up for my past life. i'm the shoulder to cry on (trust me i've had to do that a lot lol XD) friendship is very important to me and i'm very protective of my loved ones. i want to learn and gain knowledge about anything. but my #1 goal is to help the person i love most...

my elements: earth, light, dark, and air

zodiac: taurus

spirit guides: dragon, wolf, hawk, dragonfly, crow, spider{more are yet to be discovered}

if you want to talk or have any questions or just wanna be friends you can message me^^

"Love is the shield"

~what you see isn't always the truth, what is unseen will kill you~




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