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Name: Flower15
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 25 Oct 2016

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I am a 14 year old girl I am mostly outgoing I am a tomboy I love to sing and write songs I listen to my music everyday I watch YouTube videos I am kind of a YouTuber I am not like a normal girl if you were to meet me in person I like to read I like history and I am a huge gamer I love to roleplay I also love the Beatles I kind of have a crush on one of the Beatles I also care about my friends and if you send me a message I will try to reply once I see the message I also love anime and I love to cosplay I also had a Seizures when I was very young so if you ask me something about when I was little I might not remember I am also a huge believer with some things and also I have been bullied a lot so I get hurt very easily at times i also want to be a singer one day also i love creepypasta.

i am taken by ZJS2.

Also Im A Werewolf.

I Have Been Doing Magic For A While I Also Love To Help Anyone Well As Long As They Are Nice To Me.

I Also Love The Super Natural Type Of Stuff I Have Had A Few Ghost Stories And Alot More Different Stories.

One New Rule Never Ever Ask Me Questions About How Do I Know Im A Werewolf It makes me so mad When Someone Asks It k? Got it You May Ask Me Other Questions And I Might Answer To Them But Not That One Question You Haters.

Lol i May Not Swear Alot But At Times I will.

If I Was In A Wolf Pack I Would Want My Name To Be Wolfaliania.

Also I Don't Take Crap From Anyone Just Giving A Warning And All.

Also Again I Like To Give People A Second Chance If They Mess Up But Only Sometimes And I Might Give That Person More Chances.

I Am A Believer And I Don't Take Crap From Anyone So Leave Me Alone Haters And Shut Up.

Also If Ya Haters Send Me A Hate Message And I Read It I Will Hit The Block Button As Soon As I See It is A Hate Message So Give Up.

Guys I am so sorry for leaving I have not been on as much I have been so busy and I cant chat cause it says I hit the limit but I will try to fix that until I do when it is fixed I promise ill talk to ya guys again.

guys until I can chat again go on this site and type in the name paul McCartney's girl and that's me so I will be able to chat with ya guys.


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