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Name: catmagick
Location: The Shire
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Hi, my name is Elaine. I'm seventeen years old, and quite new to magic.

I want to learn much more, because for so long I've had a longing, almost a craving, for the magical world. Before a few years ago, I thought that magic was something hard to find, and that people who could do magic were even harder to find. After a very minimal amount of searching, I was proved wrong to my great pleasure, and am now working on getting in tune with my power.

I am an absolute nature and animal lover, and I know that every tree, creature, stone, and drop of water holds immense energy. I've felt the energy of the mountains, and it was the best I've ever felt in my life. When I was little I used to have conversations with the sea, and I still can feel the energy that a tree gives off when I pass (I've been around hostile trees before. Not a good feeling). I know that if I would listen harder, I would be able to understand my cat, Miro, because she tries to talk to me and is frustrated when she doesn't succeed. I've become more perceptive of the natural world around me lately. I'm currently working on weather comes more easily to me than most other magical things, especially where the wind and sun are concerned.

Hobbies: I like to read and write, mostly plays, poetry, short stories, and of course, fanfiction. I also love to draw, though I'm not great at it. I also like to surf the web, sing, act, play computer games, listen to music, be in the mountains...

Sports: I ride horses, ski, rock climb (I climb anything I can get up, actually), hike, kayak, do Shorin Ryu karate, and arch, though as of lately I haven't really done any of those things. :'(


These are the rules I try to live my life by:

There is one thing I know for sure; that there is nothing I know for sure.

Wisdom is a burden. Forget wisdom, and simply be at peace. Let your heart feel what it will, let your soul guide you, and disregard what your mind has to say, because often it has no idea what it's talking about. The world is magic, mystery, poetry. Let yourself be part of the rhythm, and you will find yourself.

Death is not a spirit to be feared. The spirit is eternal and immortal. The body is of the earth, and must return thereto, and so the body shall vanish, and the soul shall live on. Never again must one fear the path she treads, for she shall tread a new one in time.

A life is not a thing to take. All Karmic debts must be paid in time, and the price of a life is not worth the debt. Though you possess your own life, your mind has no right to steal your life from your soul, which is what truly possesses the body. Life is a journey in which we repay the debts we owe. By taking life, we condemn the other soul to another life in which to redeem themselves. By taking life, we condemn ourselves to several extra lives in which we must work to repay the karmic debt we owe.

Though the physical world is chaos and anarchy, the spiritual world is complete and total order. The catalyst of this order is called Karma.


Poems (if you like these, you can go to and search for BlueMoonRider for more of my poems):

Pure Dark

I wonder where fluorescence ends,

and where the velvet dark begins.

O, to dispel this restlessness

And find the peace that dwells within.

My mind will race with evil thoughts;

In rage it ever doth delight,

And yet my wizened heart and soul

Speak in colors, rich and bright,

And though my evil mind protests,

My spirit doth adore the night.

Hope's Little Candle

When I have fears that I may cease to be

I wonder at the thought

Of being completely free.

The void is dark, it????????????????s true,

But I will carry with me a candle perhaps,

To guide me through.

Life is like a memory,

A light in a darkened window

Or the memory of a light

Burned into your eyes

After they have closed.

When Light Heals Us

Meet me in the meadow

to watch the hearth-smoke rise,

far from all the pain,

the darkness and the lies.

We'll walk the alpine paths

as dawn turns into light,

and watch the morning sun

chase away the night.

Far above the towns

in mountains fair and tall

we'll walk our secret trail

so far from it all.

With the dark shall vanish

the anger and the fear,

we'll not be plagued by pain

and never shed a tear.

And we will not return

until the darkness dies,

we'll nevermore feel sad

or burn our ears in lies.


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