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Name: EarthlyFire
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 15 Jul 2017

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I am rediscovering spirituality in many paths of my life. Yoga and a special person are helping me through self-rediscovery.

Meditation is a wonderful way to listen to everything and yet, cleanse yourself from anything that is not necessary in your life.

Interested in: Taiji, Yoga, Meditation, Symbolism, Oracles, Tarots.


I have been starting to explore the Pagan path since I met My former life companion with whom I shared more than just love. I learned so much from her, not just about the person I am, but also about things I was afraid to believe in.

I have great respect for every creed, religions, belief, and I strongly believe it is easy to live together as long as we respect each other. Most of the time, I am told I cannot be a Pagan because I have been raised and practiced as a Catholic, that it is offensive and I must choose because both things cannot go together. That is what I am trying to understand. My cultural background is mixed and the land where I have been living is both Pagan and Catholic and the God and Goddess are revered with same respect.

I am a very private person, despite My feisty character. My manners and strict way of life are often mistaken either for subservience or for arrogance. However, I admit pride and ego can be part of the person I am and I put both aside when it comes to knowledge. On that note, I am not fond of patronizing attitude and if it happens and/or I realize I do that to another person, I make amend.

I know very little about Magic and I am still learning. So, please, be patient if most things I say or do can seem offensive or blatantly silly.

I ask many questions and that can be annoying, but there is no silly question to ask.

I tend to go solo in this path of learning, since My ex and I separated. I discover and realize things in My own - often - slow personal time.

That is how I came round this site, during My personal quest.

I do believe in Magic, although I do not think I am ready to practice, yet. Not in terms of casting spells, but, in My own little personal way, I do what I can.

May the light and the joy of life be with you.


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