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Name: AshaFrost
Location: Texas
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 19 Aug 2015

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Love the amazing world of witchcraft, and interested in both black and white magick, although I identify with Trinitarian Wicca. I only wish to LEARN about black magic not practice it. I have recently been studying and researching many things in witchcraft including history, symbolism, alphabets, sachets, stones, candles....the list goes on. I do believe there is true evil in this world in the form of demons and sent by satan. I also believe there are spirits here on earth who are stuck in between here and where they are supposed to be who cause paranormal things to occur, some in good, some in evil. Ready to get in touch with nature and the supernatural and paranormal. I want to help people having troubles with evil entities in their life. If anyone reading needs help please feel free to message me.

I'm not here for flirts or people hitting on me. I'm here to learn and make friends. If you make moves on me you will be blocked.

My day is Saturday

My planet is Saturn

My element is Earth

Your Aura Is?Red!

Personality:?Reds?have a deep, complex personality - and they are always expressing something about themselves. Bold and dominant,?reds?are a natural leader. They have an energy that is intense... and sometimes overwhelming. Their reaction to everything tends to be strong.?Reds?are the masters of love-hate relationships. They don?t take these emotions out on others. They just use them as motivation - and it works!?Reds?are very warm and passionate people. They are never at a loss for words when talking about how much they love something or someone.?Reds?feel strongly, and luckily, most of their strong feelings are positive ones.?Reds?love many things in this world.?Red?Aura people are enthusiastic and energetic individuals, forever on the lookout for new adventures. They are adventurous with food travel. The mantra of the?RedAura color individual is "I'll try anything once." Because of their devil-may-care approach to life they often find themselves in hot water.?Red?Aura people are quick to anger and can lose their temper over the slightest thing. But on the upside they are generous with their?time and energy when called upon for help.?They are normally strong in body and mind and do not succumb to physical or mental illness easily. Because of their robust health and fitness the?RedAura individual likes to be physical and will excel in sports. People with a predominant?red?Aura color can easily become bored and need to move on to different interests, projects and relationships. Because of this they leave lots of unfinished ventures in their wake. But if they set their mind to a project and can stick to it, they will have remarkable success and can become extremely wealthy.?Red?Aura people are direct, to the point and forthright and are not afraid to make their point of view heard. They don't normally have hidden agendas or ulterior motives. What you see is what you get with the open and upfront?Red?Aura individual.Above all else the?Red?Aura individual needs to be number one. Their competitive nature and need to succeed will drive them towards great success in life. They are not good team players and won't take orders from others. Because of this they will prefer to run their own one man business or be in positions of authority over others.?A dominant?Red?score indicates life?s experiences must make sense to you. You are logical, practical and do not display emotions easily. Because of your desire for structure, you seek control of both your environment and people, and are sometimes seen by others as domineering.?You are punctual and may become irritated if you think your time is being wasted. A natural leader, you are driven by the need for power and control. What stresses you is lack of organization and last minute changes.?You are extroverted and optimistic. You are action oriented and physically active. You like to be the center of attention. You are ambitious and competitive. You have a passion and enthusiasm for life and are not afraid to pursue your dreams and goals. You are impulsive. Patience is not one of your strong points. You can be aggressive and easy to anger, often exhibiting a violent temper. you do not hold a grudge. You can be somewhat of a know-it-all, not wanting to appear unintelligent or ignorant. You can be quite determined when you want something, but tend to have a short attention span.?

My spiritual animals identified include the hawk, the owl, and the wolf. I am an invisionary I can foresee the outcome of situations. I'm very realistic. My words to some are harsh and they do not heed my warnings and then they get their undesirable outcomes. I'm sorry. I can not help truth but I can try to help you change the path of your destiny if I can foresee an outcome. You must listen though. I can not help those who do not truly want help and who aren't willing to hear harsh realities that they do not want to hear, if harsh realities so it be.


What animal walks by your side?

You got hawk! Hawks are very observant people, and have clear vision on what the world is about. You are highly independent, which in most cases is an excellent trait to possess, and you are the messenger of the spirit world. You have a great relationship with the divine spirit himself, and can possibly even have the ability to be psychic ?due to your extreme spiritual nature! Your wisdom is beyond belief, you should be proud!

Additional details:

Hawk is the messenger of the spirit worldUse the power of focusTake the lead when the time is rightPower to see, clear visionStrong connection with spirit, increased spiritual awareness


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