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Name: HimeNoYuri
Location: Indiana
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 25 Mar 2015

Membership: Contributor

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Quote: "Soul is who you are, who you were, and who you will be. Your family can't make you something you're not meant to be, even by blood."

Hello. Lilith Rain is the name my Goddess, Nyx, has given me.

I am a Seax-Wiccan but I also dabble in Garnerian Wicca. I love tradition and new ideas mixed. I am a sense of light and darkness, old and new mixed together in harmony. I am a peaceful yet bubbly person most times.

I'm 19 and have a strong psychic sense. I am experienced in Wicca, but I wish to learn more and help mentor others in my path.

I have been practicing for over six years now. My father is an atheist and my mother is a Christian with psychic abilities that run amongst women in my family. My father knows I practice the Craft but my mother does not. I have abilities in astral projecting.

I love to write books and have many that I am working on. I am a lyricist, singer, and dancer. I am of the Elysionist culture. My main deity is Nyx, Goddess of Night. I can be selfish and short-tempered but love to laugh and can easily ignore the people who make fun of me for what I am. I just am who I am. I'm not anything but me.

I have many secrets that haunt me and I fear will continue to haunt me. The worst secret is the one that reminds me of the place I wish I had never discovered. If others hadn't discovered it as well, I would've thought it was all me and it would go away. But it's not me and I will never be unbound from it.

For anything more about me, feel free to ask.

- Hair Color: Long, wavy brown hair

- Eye Color: Changes

- Name: Lilith, Lilly for short

- Right or Left Handed: Ambidextrous

- Favorite Color: Purple

- Favorite show: TV turns your brain to mush...

- Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla

- Pet Peeve: People who show off all the time to get attention.

- Star Sign: Aquarius

- Element: Spirit

- Siblings: 1 Brother and one sister-in-law

- Gender: Female

- Single or Taken: Taken

- Birthday: January 21

- Favorite Time of Year: Autumn

- Favorite Mammals: Cats, Dogs, and Ferrets

- Sun or Moon: Moon

- Do you swear: Often

May the Goddess be forever with you.

Blessed be. )O(


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