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Name: Lau_Elder
Birthday: Dec 6 1997
Location: In the Broom Closet
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 07 May 2015

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Its me LauElder or Qlyzz_Danger. I deleted those other two accunts.

My reputation is Beginner

----------About Me----------

My name is Lau. Im 17. I have been researching and studying Wicca since October 2014.

I am particularly interested in the properties of herbs and what they can offer. I am growing an herb garden and harvesting different herbs for tea and I plan on experimenting with potions soon.

My other skills include drawing, music and languages. I want to be a,tattoo artist. I play Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, I'm learning Guitar and Bass Guitar and I also sing. I pick up languages relatively quickly. I studied Spanish for three and a half years and I am in the process of learning American Sign Language.

----------My Beliefs----------

I am a Wiccan.

I believe everyone has great power within themselves. I'm not theistic in that I don't believe in central gods and goddesses. I believe everyone is their own god/goddess because we all have the powers to create and destroy. I believe that after anything dies the spirit still walks the Earth to guide and help whomever they chose. As for the spirits of plants I believe that is the energy we channel when we cast spells.


Herbs/Plants I grow/harvest: (in case anyone has questions)

-Bloodroot (Wild)

-Cat Grass [Oat Grass]

-Chamomile (German)


-Crab Apple



-Echinacea [Purple Coneflower]



-Maple (Sugar)

-Maple (Silver)






-Sunflower (Dwarf Double Sungold)


-Violets (Wild)

I also have information on many other herbs/plants that I use in my BoS so feel free to ask if you have questions regarding herbs/plants not on this list.


I am in the process of trying to decide a spiritual name. Right now I'm in between Fas and Shade as my two highest-ranking options. Maybe Fashade?

I just recently started to work with divination. If you'd be willing to let me cast runes for you or read your tarot cards let me know. All I ask in return is that you tell me how accurate you feel the reading was.


My photos are public


I'm very friendly and I'd love to hear from you.


I cannot help you time travel (Can't be done), I don't do sex spells, I don't do love spells, don't ask me to be your friend unless we've gotten to know each other, I am not single, I cannot make you half dragon (Not real), I cannot give you Pyrokinesis (Not real), I cannot help you communicate with animals (Not real), I cannot help you summon a wolf (Can't be done), I cannot help you summon a bee (wtf?)

This list was made from actual requests


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