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Name: DowAsunder
Location: Proudly sporting green
Last Seen: Thu, 04 Jun 2015

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The Dowrey Asunder

The destroyed inharitence

I have no idea if my photos are public or private but I dont care who sees what in a months time I wont look the same anyways. But soon I'll have picture of my favorite little areas crafts, what not. And I'm always up for a good conversation odds are if im on here im trying to kill an hour or two anyways.

I'm nearly constanly training, I need someone to occupy my mind sometimes. I'm not going to lie I love people I'm just a bit stand offish by nature.

I love the feeling of being lost to the spirit of paradise. This is the gaurden and these are my hands. Broken ,blooded, and bruised.And as long as they can still hold earth I am still a man and I am still able to give back to our living mother.

I'm older then 20 no..

Man has grown so fragile...Well its all just a vivid hallucination anyways.

What a quandiery she is.


Its comical, the walk. Moving to the point every part of your body is drentched in sweat. limping, but quickening. Showing no weakness, less the socaital sentinals rain down upon you, lightly stagering from right to left. Near drunken, yet not a drop of the sweet nector that would aid ones gull to rest. The swig of deep vinegar instead, lightly mixed with water , brewed mint, other herbs. A medicine for aches, and pains. It builds and rejuvenates energy, the price being of course a burning in the gullet. With each guzzle the body hungers more for pure water, the flash sweat invoked by the medicine. The first three days of this treatment is hell. Once finished how ever, the poisons from your body are totally lifted the tolarence for both heat and pain, doubled. Each day, three to three or four to seven. Hours, hours . Even the birds come to reconise you, vulters follow you. six hours distance become four, four hours two. Further, further, faster, faster. Food? what is food? words? what are words?...Hes speaking to me...Just hours, We must rest. The moment the fog breaks for the first time. You feel like your going to die. A cloud that youve never noticed just ozzes from your brain, fades. Rest for three days, and if your will is strong, no roof will bring you comfort, no bed rest. You just want to creat, meditate, strengthen, improve, challange, to see how far your will can carry you. Because at least your body can never break.


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