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Name: chikitakiki
Location: manchester
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 03 Jun 2015

Membership: Member

Personal Bio

im into spells, vampire diaries, witchies and werewolfs

i might be strange but im pretty ordanary?

im into goth things i have since 11 yars im around 14 and 15 yars now?

my name is chikita tequlia kita and my pic is my sis she has a thing of taking selfies on my phone so sorry about some pic with sisters in?

i have light brown curly hair, darkish brown eyes and olvlie skin colour

i have lived in manchester for my whole life went on a few holidays and never had a situion before i have a temper but not to big so i kind of get in to fights on the road with old school friends and online so sorry if i argu with u?

hobbies: art, dancing, singing, sewing, knitting, song writing,nail art and hair dressing.

style: im in the middle of gothic, sexy and girly looks?

hate: people who chew loudly?

love: amimals, sweets, spooky films, vampire diaries and many more

frav food: pizza and chesse and paster?

place i want to go: spain

sisters and brother: three sisters no brothers?

frav actresses: nina dobrev and chloe grace moretz

frav actors: paul wesley and ian somerhalder

p.s i love ian somerhalder and paul wesleys body i think there both fit?

i have my own dress line called sweet pea i dont sell my clothes but i might?

i love playing online?

age: around 14 turning 15 in june the 11?

i love fashion if my mum tells my to wear a boiler suit i wouldn't wear it i would wear a dress or a nice top and some ripped pants i love wejjies and not in the pants lifting wejjies the shoe kind?

the tipe of guy i would date would have:

blue eyes?

light brown hair

he would have some tattoos and piercings

and skin colour would be blue kidding it would be a light fade of brown

i have a secrat crush on a boy who live round the corrner and who is 2 years older than me?

he like the same stuff as me and im friends with hi on facebook but to sceard to tell him i like him.?


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