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Name: Sigma15
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 19 May 2015

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HAI! im sigma! im a rly weird person so if u dont like dat den oh well, i am who i am and i dont plan on changing! but idk how anyone cood be normal and a witch,warlock,and etc. or whatever in da first place... but heres sum info XD!

Age:13 will be 14 dis yr in october, YAY FALL!

Name: u can call me sigma its meh mystical name ill tell u how i got it or found it later on in meh profile ;)

Zodiac sign: Scorpio (one of the main stars in dis constellation is called sigma hint hint)

Fave color:(i have 3) 1.purple

Hobbies:playing World Of Warcraft, swimming, fishing, drawing/painting, singing, spell casting (obviously), and hanging out wit meh friends.

Dislikes: bullies, haters, peepses who r spoiled... u no who u r-.-, arguing (even though i argue wit meh sis alot), poachers, posers,so called popular peepses, and especially people who lie bout being something dere not such as vampires and stuff...

I do of course believe in vampires, werewolves, mermaids, and faries,etc.

i practice everything rly involving magic it doesnt rly concern me wether its black magic or not, i just try things that interest me, but ive never cast a spell to harm someone ar anything like dat so no worries.

I have one sister, but no brothers, my parents are divorced and have ben since i was like 2 or something like dat, and i dont have any step parents THANK... whoevers up dere idk im not christian or catholic er wuteva idk wut i believe in but i do believe in a higher power.

I love animals. i have 2 cats, deres a boy named Kitty Perry (we thought he was a girl fer da longest time LOLZ), and a girl named LeopardStar. Den we have 6 dogs, 3 girls and 3 boys, da 1'rst girl is named kitkat, she is da mom of da other 2 girls, Derpy and Dame dey were her first litter, den da boys r, Jack, Ferris, and Pippy. Ferris and pippy are bout 2 ta 3 months old, dey are also her puppies lols.

and i guess dats all i wanna put in meh profile so eyup... Tootles... oh and also if u feel like it go to youtube and check out my youtube channel its called Turtley Random, we do dance covers, and funny vids and in one of them we show kitkats puppies to our viewers, also we have 8 vids so far.. and we already have 12 subscribers yay hopefully dere not all just family members lolz.

SO NOW TOOTLES XD! bday is on october 26, 2001 forgotsdeds to say dat Oops! XD


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