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Name: arren
Last Seen: Sat, 08 Aug 2015

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I think iv been gagged for speaking my mind and talking about my beliefs by personified I was also told that I was role playing when I spoke my mind the moderators on this site or at least sirtain ones abuse their power so if you want to contact me my kik is arren259

If you want me to research anything for you that's fine just ask im always online so please anything

ABOUT ME: I was born and raised in england with my mom dad and two brothers until my dad left my mum when I was about 7 my oldest brother took it hard and went to live with him that left me and my other brother to look after my blind and decabled mum. We still look after her and soon my brothers going to get a job and then it will be up to me to look after Hera's she can't live on her own and every man she meets is a total **** and or lives far away.

I am new to magick and still learning the basics but I can tell you a lot about it I'm currently trying to learn about the Greek gods and goddesses and you can ask me anything about them and I'll answer the best I can

I'm new to this hole spell thing so I don't know if any of them will work I can't get candles or anything because I don't want my mum to know about this so if you guys have any good spells that are easy to do without things like hurbs and cancels then please send me a message with the link

A goel that would be pretty cool is if I could protect other witches like me. Iv always had a way with weapons and fighting don't take that the wrong way and call me a child but its true iv always been more flexible then the other guys I used to hang around with so it could be like a future job witch protecting but only if someone really needed it and of cause no innocence or people would be killed or hurt

Also I'm an indigo child

I like reading messages from people so don't hesitate to send me a message I will replie.

Iv just lot my book of shadows and want to put in something about all types of magick so if you know something like what kind of spells you do or and strong ancestors that used the same type then please tell me

I also need someone who can see my future I can't tell you why enless you can but ye

I am a panthiest but don't have any gods I really worship yet

I have two best friends ones my cat and the others my dog at least they can't back stab me like people can


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