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Name: norsetomato
Birthday: Oct 20
Location: Nowhere (and a Half)
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 02 Jul 2015

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
So this is norsepotato's new account. Yeah.

Pro Tip of the Day: Start a turf war

I feel like a meaningful bio is in order here, but in the end, all that you should know is what you say to me. Let yourself be the judge of what you know about me, not me serve up processed bits of myself.

I kinda will anyways though so:

I'm from the East Coast, I am a confused person, and right now I'm not in any particularly serious relationship with a member of the gender I prefer, which would be females for me.

I can be totally nice, I can be an arrogant thorn in your side, and it just depends on how I'm treated. I'm easily irritable and always in the mood for a fight. However I really just want to be calm whenever I can, which usually happens.

I'm the one that starts wars and drops bombs, but if I'm not there when the lightning strikes, I'll be one of your saints marching in.

I'm not the kind of person that puts pictures of myself on my SoM profiles. Sorry random creepers.

I'm a Pink Floyd fan. Being a Pink Floyd fan isn't liking the music, it's knowing why it needed to be made and what it means.

I'm always looking for more friends, feel free to PM me.

With me you don't get respect, you earn it.

"every day, some people wake up

they don't even move, just lie there

they crawl out slowly, dragging feet, pour a cup

go through the motions, brush their teeth, comb their hair

hop on the bus, gone to school or to work

some go to the other after the first of the two

the people around them are people who tork

they extort because inside they're like you

you act like you know what you are

while people around you do things you don't know

you shoot up, bend the elbow, raise the bar

while slowly like in bed, your life bleeds


But there's someone out there

someone for you

someone who knows that

there's something they CAN do

when you fall down, cower, or bust

they lift you up when you start to rust

they make you feel like before never happened

before this person, so great

there's one out there for everyone who sees this

all you have to do, is get back up, and wait"





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