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Name: LyraSidus
Birthday: May 1996
Location: in the forest at midnight, enjoying the beauty of darkness
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 26 Feb 2017

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I am here mainly to learn and make new friends. Feel free to message me about almost anything. If you need help or are just curious about something, feel free to message me. I'm always up for GOOD conversation or giving advise. (NOTE: I'm new here so I can't give advise on spells or magick. If you need a student I have open ears, but otherwise I can't help you magick wise)

Now, a few things that I can say about myself:

~I truly adore mythology and things about the supernatural. I have been reading into both since I was a very young child. Myths have always interested and inspired me, especially Greek, Native American, and Norse mythology.

~The night and darkness has always inspired me. The Moon and the stars are wondrous in my eyes, bringing darkness and light. The darkness and what may lie within it has always made me so curious. Because of that curiosity, I study monsters and supernatural things all the time.

~I have an ability to influence people's thoughts when I concentrate hard enough. Currently, I am meditating to help it, but I'm willing for some more help/advise in the matter. I also tend to read stories in the clouds. I don't know if this deals with anything psychic like or not, but I do love the stories the clouds tell me.

~I am very talented at giving people advise, so I'm willing to help anyone that is having a hard time with almost anything. I only say almost because I am a beginner in magick, so I can't help there.

~It may seem like a cliche, but I am trying to find out who I am. Therefore, I don't really have a set belief system yet. I am willing to hear about them and learn from other people's beliefs.

~I have a few personal demons that I'm trying to put at rest. I'm not sure if they're real demons or just personifications of very strong, bad emotions.


"It is better to die with honor, than to survive as a coward"

"We are all human. We are all able to love and hate. It's when we lose our ability to tell the difference between them that we lose our humanity."

"It only takes a small nudge to change a man. That nudge can lead him to a new life, but it may also rip his soul. It all depends on who/what gives the nudge and if he pushes back or not."

"Ethical means 'moral' or 'proper' which differs for every person. It's something you discuss, not an absolute. It just sounds nice when taken into big issues."



~If you only message me asking for my personal information (location, picture, full name, ect.) or about anything inappropriate, there will be consequences. I am not one to answer to such things so save your energy. Also, I'm not stupid. I can tell when someone is saying things to either impress me or to make me feel a certain emotion. I will never ask for an opinion that is exactly like mine nor will I ever want a truth to be sugarcoated.

~I do not handle ignorance in ANY form. I believe that everyone has a right to believe what ever they want to, AS LONG AS they don't force it on anyone AND they don't harm anyone. I'm a friendly person at heart to everyone, from Christians to Wiccans to Satanists to Atheists. From White to Black to Oriental and to Straight to Gay to Bi WHATEVER!!! Just be you and let others be them, very simple.

~I have a very strong belief that trust and respect are both earned, not a given right. They are both fairly easy to earn, but very easy to lose.


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