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Name: MirrorBeast
Last Seen: Thu, 29 Oct 2015

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For what did I get gagged? I am not arguing, just asking.

Tiger and Wolfie forever.

Just being a thing.

I so emotionally.

I like metal.

There are nice people and there are honest people. Guess which one am I.

"Villains!" I shrieked, "dissemble no more! I admit the deed! Tear up the planks! Here, here! It is the beating of his hideous heart!"
To make people do wrong, they must first be convinced that it is unethical not to.
Be it not so!
Thou shalt see me not in agony,
Failure was
And is no option!
'Tis my undying self,
The ever-wandering son of the morn,
Yet never to be conquered!
Thingies that I am not quite fond of:
  • Thinking Wicca is the only path of magic that exists and that "magick" is the only possible spelling for the word.
  • Whatever hogwash one may have written about "The Burning Times" on one's bio.
  • All sorts and forms and shapes and flavours and colours of generalization.
  • Thinking that there are "basics" in magic.
  • The threefold lie.
  • Claiming to be "working" with deities, especially with deities from different religions or deities from one religion that strongly oppose each other. No, seriously, I just read someone state that they were working with Loki, Fenrir, Odin and Thor at the same time. Knowing the names of a couple deities does not give you the rights to call yourself a worshipper of those.
  • Everything telling about some vague Goddess of who-knows-what.
  • Claiming that your path is the only correct one and enforcing your opinions. This applies to everyone , no matter what you (don't) believe in.
  • Piling your minimal knowledge about female deities from different (or, even worse, the same) faiths up and then just proclaiming them all to be your "Goddess". Pretty sure she cannot be Hecate, Demeter and Minerva at once.
  • Forgetting that the original Wiccan deity was the Horned God.
  • Forgetting that the basis for Wicca was a fiction novel written by a man who had no knowledge of the occult.

Drawing parallels between religions and encorporating multiple beliefs into your own is fine, as long as it's not just stating that your deity is everything and everyone else ever is just copying your thing.

We can only influence the world with magic.

We cannot break its boundaries, we cannot create or destroy.

We can only change what is.

I am the son of Azriel,

Of Sun borne, a curse,

I am the plague of soul,

An unlight.


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