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Name: blackbueauty
Birthday: Dec 28 2001
Location: secret.......
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 14 Jun 2015

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hello, names Morticia XD i am 14 years of age, i have been practing maick for about 4 years now, im on the path of grey magick and im a lesbian. this profile is a coven it's self, i have what i call a wolf spirit and this is "The Raven Fire Wolf Pack" currently there are 4 members in the pack me (the high priesstess) and Yemene the priesstess, we are accepting applications, and if you want to join the wolf pack the applications down below, just send it to my mail (fill in the question in the application if you want to join the coven)


1. you have to have a wolf spirit or at least you fell polled to wolves to join the coven

2. do you have experience in magick, or are you new to the magickal world, if you are not then share what magick you do.

3.what magick path are you on? ( we accept all kinds :)

4. what age are you (need to give this info )

5. share your name, magickal name or not.

6. do you like wolfs or love wolfs?

7. share any other information about your self that you think is important.

8. how active can you be

9. if you want to become a wolf and ask me if i have a spell to become a wolf, i'll gladly give you a working spell, but dont just join the coven and take the spell never being active with the coven. just to make sure you read the application put the word "no" in for this answer.

10. do you have a bad reputation on the site (answer truthfully, or i wont let you join the coven)

11. how many cats/dogs do you have if any

12. when were you first interested in magick or wicca i will read your applications sent in, you might be rejected or not all depending. and we accpet all kind 's in this coven weather they be homosexual/bi/les/tran/ or a sexual, or boy, girl. im a very accepting person and we alow no bulling in the coven, we support each other, and help each other with problems either it be magick or personal :)

if anybody has any question i'll answer them to the best of my ability, blessed be :)


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