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Name: Crystalmage
Location: Austrailia
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 01 Apr 2016

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I am a low level Crystal Mage with many skills like healing for an example. I've been awakening for about six years never really started getting serious about meditation until about 3 years ago I've had telepathic experiences with animals.

when I first realised I could talk to spirits I talked to my best friend who passed away,I was sitting on the floor at my friends friends house with my legs crossed and hands out to the side with my palms open and I said if you hear me grab my hand and I felt a cool rush of energy in the shape of a hand hit and hold my hand it brought me to tears we spoke for a bit I cant actually remember what we were saying.

a lot of weird shits happened to me its not really that weird its just every day shit really to some people and I hope to meet some people who see and hear things like I do. once I trust you ill teach you anything I know. and if I can help you with anything I will gladly.

I've been hearing voices for roughly six years now at one stage when I was talking to spirits every day for hours upon hours I would just know what they were going to say as soon as they started the sentence and I mean like a sentence like hello how are you today as soon as the h was pronounced I knew what was going to come out.

at my mums house I heard a voice saying don't sleep on my side of the bed don't sleep on my side of the bed then woke up and got lifted up it was weird kind of like levitation and slid me over to the other side of the bed that was weird.

for the last probably 2 to 3 years ive had three astral travellers just screwing with me one sits behind me and pushes into me and connects to my emotions and pushes emotions through me thoughts telepathically the other two merge with me some times its like an attack and the do a visualisation of people and stabilise it and transfer my negativity and sickness into and its really fucked thers no other way to describe it and its hard for me to defend myself from it because theres three of them but im getting there I fight them off with mental attacks which im getting alright at that's like there ultimate attack I so annoying its not funny.

on a normal day its pretty fun to attack them back because it makes me stronger.

I have a few freinds in the spirit world one calls himself the gypsy prince the first time I meet him was when I was 7 or 8 I was laying in bed ready to go to sleep and there was a pulsing energy like woob, woob, woob kind of like slower binaural beats and this face popped up and he had a jesters hat on with skulls instead of bells then his hand popped up and he slid out the ace of spades kind of like he was fanning it from behind his hand then from behind the ace of spades hi slid the ace of diamonds and slid it in front of the ace of spades then said put that somewhere on my body so I put it on my wrist and I've got a diamond in my veins and then he said the same with the spade so I put it on my leg and I've got a birth mark on my leg.

then we spoke about stuff I cant remember what we were talking about then he pulled out 2 heads on sticks they weren't bloody or anything and said these are your friends and put one hand out and there were a heap of other faces behind it then he said these are your enemy's and the same thing happened I forgot about it until probably about 5 years ago. pretty trippy the same face that popped up the gypsy prince was on the local tattoo shop.


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