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Name: disturbedfan
Location: Copenhagen
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 29 Aug 2017

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It seems that people have tendencies of reading what I can do, and then mail me immediately after for help. So I hope you will READ, UNDERSTAND and RESPECT FOLLOWING; Feel free to email me for help, and anything related to magick. However, I do have a few things I?d like to emphasize. I will NOT read ANY emails without a relevant TOPIC. I WILL IGNORE ALL EMAILS WITH TOPICS SUCH AS: ?hey?, ?hi? etc. If you decide to do so anyway, and continuously write me mails I WILL BLOCK YOU.

If you come to me for help, please keep in mind. You?re asking me for help. It?s not the other way around.

I?m actually a very nice and openminded person. I?m just tired of receiving 14 emails a day with the same topics. XD So if you?re gonna read the rest of my profile, and what I could possibly help you with, thank you :)


Please include following in a request for a tarotreading:

Birthname, age, and a question or something you want to know.


What I study:

I don't study anything specific, but I am very interested in moon magic, demons and Angels within religion. And since I am a modern christian I also study reincarnation

I also practice protection spells, candle magic, energy manipulation and healing. Also, I kind of translate people\s dreams for them into advises, so if you want me to help you with this, please mail me.

I am a psychic medium.

I don't believe people have certain elements for themselves to manipulate, but I believe that we have our own personal elements in which we feel more free and protected by. Mine is, for an example, water and earth.

I have been seriously practicing spells for about 4 years, but I have been aware of 'supernatural stuff' all my life. I have a long line of ancestors from all over the world, who practiced some kind of magic. If you want to know more about this, feel free to mail me.

I recently started reading tarot cards, and I am looking for others who are willing to discuss Tarot cards with me. If you want a free reading, please let me know.


"We read to know that we are not alone." -C.S. Lewis


About me:

First of all, I live in Denmark and I have been living here all my life.

Some of my big passions in life is music, in which I enjoy heavy metal, rock and alternative rock music. Some of my other passions and hobbies are singing, songwriting, drawing and other creative ways of expressing myself.My favorite bands are Evanescence and System of a Down.

I am very interested in studying old languages as Latin, but I do not discuss this with others, so please do not try to make me translate your spells into for example Latin.

I am always interested in new acquintances and I am open-minded towards people.


Instagrams: nordstedart and disturbedfallenangel


"I'll die a lonely death, 'cause I know that life ain't fair" 5FDP, Menace


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