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Name: Falling_Leaf
Birthday: Apr 16 1997
Last Seen: Mon, 14 Mar 2016

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Personal Bio

My name is Courtney, and my religion and practice matter little.

Truth is, through my studying and practicing I have learned one thing;
magic is more psychology and the power of thought. It is all about energy,
but more about directing your own energy to the cause. It is all about directing your will.
The mind is capable of amazing things.

What does this truly mean? Well for starters, it means that if you doubt that
you will get results from your practice, you won't. You have to truly believe.

As a note: You will not become a mermaid eagle dragon fairy no matter how
hard you try.

Moving forward, I do not "worship" any deity, per say. I tend to focus on my
own energy and directing my own energy in various ways. For the most part, I do
not use rituals or spells, though I do from time to time. It is rare. I do not practice
any one particular magic, but was raised in a Shamanic household and find remnants
of it in my practice. I do not teach nor mentor. I simply do not have the time nor patience.

I also believe that everyone should find their own path. Study and find what is best for you.

DO NOT message me with "hello" or "hi" unless we are already friendly.


Basic Facts About Me:

  • Age: 18
  • Happily Taken by the man of my dreams
  • Genderqueer (they pronouns please)
  • Writer and Blogger
  • LGBT advocate
  • Lover of coffee


Rules of messaging me:

1) Do not flirt. I will block you.

2) No fluff messages, meaning messages about mermaids, becoming a demon, or anything along those lines. I left this site partly because I was sick of the fluffy.

3) Do not request I teach you. I do not teach. It is better to point
you along the direction of finding your own answers.


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