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Name: Fanglover90
Location: O'Fallon
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 04 Aug 2011

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hey my name is Adero or formally known as Chewmiki...i'm 18 yrs old now and my bday was the two days ago so yea oh and also i'm a servent of a vampire...if u want to kno more about me just ask and i'll answer trufully...i love to read alot and i'm into anything that has to do with snakes(fangs)and i'm intrested in learning new things so plz take care of me...bye bye!

P.S. down below are three of my poems tell me wat u think of them...k

P.S.S. I love ORochimaru(because of his tongue...not to mention i like to be bitten^-^)plus i deal better in don't ask me for a spell on love mines resolve around hate and pain...oh and i'm very protective of my friends and family if extream danger threatens them i'll be there to help(even if i have to kill to protect them)


Hate is the thing that seperate us from the truth

Hate is the strongest word that is used more than once in a lifetime

Hate makes people do stupid things like running away, killing hurting others



Love is the thing that brings us together in harmony

Love isn't something that can be bought with money

Finding love is hard but the results are rewarding

Having love is wonderful and should be cherrished with care

In order to recieve someone's love you'll have to accept the person you are and accept the person's behavior


My one and only

My one and only love

where are you

when will i see you again

i miss you already

i see you in my dreams

My one and only love

i'm lost and lonely

touch me and comfort me

let me know that your still with me

oh My one and only Love


Insane Hunger

Bloodlust, Sweet blood

Humans are the source

Flesh so yummy and tender

So Hungry, too thirsty

I want it I Crave it

Give it to me, the blood the flesh

Crunching of bones echos

Rivers of blood fills wells

Darken sky, blood Moon

Starless, Timeless, endless

Blood lust, Sweet blood

Running through my body

The Living blood of Humans

Sweet sweet tender, juicy flesh

Flesh pick clean of bones

I want it I crave it

Too thirsty too hungry

Give it to me


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