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Name: Aberrant
Location: Oregon
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 04 Mar 2015

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Hi, I am strange and weird, I have particular opinions about many things. I am not afraid to speak them, and in turn, I respect the opinions of others. Truth be told, I am fairly new to magic, but I do know some things, If needed, I can direct you to a certain article on this site, but my learning of magic myself is limited to what I can find here, on the internet and what I can pick up from past experiences (and present ones for that matter). I like video games and I consider myself a gamer, I also like to read and I like music too, I think the best kinda songs are ones that don't need lyrics to tell their story, and if they do use lyrics, the song must truly stir something inside me. TV and anime are just not my thing. I like being a friendly person and I like people who put up with my habit of talking too much and rambling on. I try to be a good person most of the time, most of the time...*laughs evilly* Hermm? Oh yes, sorry! Anyways I have a generally weird personality, and a sense of humor to match. I do rely on spell check to type just about anything, my spelling is... well I cannot cuss on this site so just imagine for yourself. I like animals and nature, but if a wild animal (such as a bear or cougar) is walking down the street, it don't matter to me if it is a bullet or a sleepy dart that hits it. I would rather it be a sleepy dart, But people are in danger. I am sorry if i offended you but it is true, therefore better than a lie. Welp i have burnt out my writing abilitys for now so that's all folks!

I seem to have been gagged, I don't know why, I went idle on this site while having the chat open, I came back and it said "you do not have permission to chat!" I haven't posted anything on the forms yet. I don't even know why I was gagged, If someone would please help, then please help, even if it is simply telling me why I was gagged.

Sidenote: a Gagged profile is no use to me and I will have to make a completely new profile soon, That being said, I am still accepting mail, I will have to simply reply using my Bio I don't feel happy about this but I have some lose ends I have to fix. I will stop accepting mail after 2/17/2015 PST.


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