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Name: Rina_Kimoras
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We cried together when we reunited, but that was long ago. My dear friend.. If you can hear me.. Scream. My death was outrun because of you... You are my sworn brother, and will be until death. I owe you so much for the protection and love you've given me...I know you can hear me. I can feel you out there. Whom of which I am unallowed to speak the true name of any longer, please show yourself once more...

Where have you gone?


You may call me Rin. I can be nice, however I am very blunt and honest.

Am open to small talk as long as its got some form of subject, so the conversation isn't short lived. So pease, do not feel intimiated by me and feel free to message me.

Stop flirting with me.I'm going to harshly insult, snap at, or just block all and anyone who flirts.Keep your maggots out of my face.


*A Bit About Me*

---Philosophist of religion and Epistemology?.

---?Herbal Apothecary, so to speak. (I hate medication of today. I create my own natural medication)

--- Norse Heathen?.

--- Taken and committed to a wonderful man. CheGuevara. He has my heart eternally, and nothing is going to seperate us. Our love is unshatterable.

--- Favorite bands include 10 Years, Periphery, In Fear And Faith, A Perfect Circle, Trivium, etc.


I do in fact teach under certain conditions, but do not expect me to accept you.

I do have requirements for me to consider you for apprenticeship. Upon request, I shall ask you questions, and list the requirements.

Firstly. I do not take on anyone with very little/no experience/knowledge.

There is too wide a variety to "basics" and "beginnings", some of which are unsuitable to others, therefore, I do not feel obligated to tell and teach you the "basics", because no single form of "basics" applies to every/any path you may choose to walk in the future. Depending on your favored path of exploration, I will teach to that stretch.

So don't come to me asking for me to teach "basics". That is for you to explore on your own.

My areas of teaching are as follows with a* next to them, just to keep things simple and tidy.


~* areas of teaching are as follows with a(~*) next to them, just to keep things simple and tidy.


*Some subjects I practice and/or study, but not limited to?

~*Blood Magick

~*Demonology (Goetic, Lesser)

- Rokkatru, Vanatru



- Trance work

- Crystal therapy


**the forms of divination I practice, since people continue to ask**

Scrying(through fire, mirrors, etc.)

Crystallomancy/Lithomancy(crystal gazing or using precious stones)

Palmistry(palm reading)

Capnomancy(divination through smoke)

Necromancy(divination through communication with the dead) - also considered?Sciomancy?(divination through a spirit) and Demonomancy(divination through demons)

Ophiomancy(divination through serpents)

Metagnomy(divination using visions seen in a trance state)

Pyromancy(divination through flame reading, so to speak. Another form of Scrying)

~*Energy manipulation

~*Various (empowerment) meditations

~*Mineral and crystal magick/healing

~*Herbal magick/healing

- Elemental alchemy

~*Candle magick

- Mythology (Chinese, Germanic, etc)


- Subconscious magick


My aura's element is Shadow.

My astrological element is Fire.

My third element is Blood which represents promise, bravery, nobility, strength and passion.

My plant/herb is mistletoe

Any questions, ask.


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