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Name: Tiffany1980
Birthday: Oct 8 1980
Location: Eden, north Carolina
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 14 May 2015

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Merry meet everyone. I'm not too new to this site but I haven't been around for a while. I'm just going to say I'm a single mother of a remarkable 4 year old little boy. And I'm about to be opening (hoping no less than 2 months) my online shop. It will be all hand made and either partially or completely customized items. Everything is customizeable in some way if not all the way. I have not seen a shop that will offer items that I will be offering quite like mine, as for a lot of the items came from my own mind. I will not be holding back on quality, and there will be a variety of items that you normally see but they will have Moonlight Fairies twist. For example if you wanted to purchase a chakra kit, you will have a variety of options, you will have your basic stones, you will have all very unique looking stones per chakra, you will have all of the chakra crystals, and another will be all Palm stones. So there will be a variety of types of sets you can choose. But they will also withhold complete information. There are about 3-4 pages of information that comes with the kits listing everything you can think of about each chakra, what chakras are-in detail, what body parts/organs they are related to, what it is like when they are balanced as well as the different things that can occur when they are not.. It will include each ones related element, planet, color, sound, etc... And there will also be a card that comes with each stone that explains the stones that you are getting. It will also include information and meditations to help align your chakras. But there is also complete chakra kits. Those will include every stone per chakra that each kit contains, not the palm set though, certain incense or essential oils per chakra, a candle colored related to each chakra, etc... And the kitskits will come in a beautiful setting that you can keep them inside of safely. But that is the explanation of only one item. And there will be a related item that will be shipped with each order as a bonus gift. And there will also be a section that if you want something that I do not offer or you would like changes or replacements on certain things, you will be able to explain it to me, I will responde back with my intake to make sure you was understood correctly and I will create what it is that you want. I truly think that once it is open and running that there will be something for everyone and that everyone will be pleased and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As soon as the time is closer I will update this, and as soon as I know an exact date I will update this again with a promo code for anyone on this site that reads or hears about this and there will be a discount on your first order depending the amount spent. Example if you spend a certain amount you will get 10% off your total, 20%... Up to 70% off the total of the complete purchase. But that will only apply to that one code that will come from this site. And PayPal will be excepted as well as credit/debit cards. I wish everyone a blessed day and I will be updating this the closer that we get to the actual day. Blessed be everyone!


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