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Name: Skylar.Wolf
Birthday: Aug 24 1999
Location: Back in Sapporo, Japan
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 27 Jun 2016

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Personal Bio
A new start for my bio I guess. Intermediate spell caster. Kawaii~desu Weird. I've been doing spells since I was 7. I'm a wolfkin. Yes I remember my past life as a wolf. Yes I remember my death. I've done m-shifting and a-shifting. (Mental and Astral) Fav books: Percy Jackson and the lightning theft, Maximum Ride series and The Duff Fav colors:Purple Blue Lavender and periwinkle Fav Band: Black Veil Brides, Motionless In White,BABYMETAL, Fav music genre: Punk Rock, Jpop,Kpop,Jrock, VOCALOID (is it even a genre?) Well, I'm Skylar or Sky, it doesn't matter. I've been doing spells since I was 7. I'm an otaku, I love anime. I love Andy Biersack. I'm wolfkin. Yes I remember my past life as a wolf, yes I remember my death. I've done a-shifting and m-shifting (mental and astral) Message me I love mail, I hate an empty inbox so don't be afraid to message me I don't bite. (most of the time anyway) I'm a weird emo mess. I can be a dark person but also light at the same time. I love SNOW~! Kik: skyrimwerewolfgirl Oh did I mention I play Skyrim and assassins' creed and COD? I'm a gamer. I do have Skype just ask. I also have a blog, if you click the website link you'll go to it ^~^. I have tumblr, ig, g+ and a scene kids account so just ask. I know 14 languages Spanish English Japanese Korean Latin Romanian Swedish Italian German Binary Code A few others I forgot. umm. I'm Japanese and Costa Rican. #DatWhiteWolfOvaDer #SupremeKawaiiOverlord #IjimeDameZettai (please stop bullying) I do iikaido (The way of the sword) Swords are my main weapon besides my mind and my magic! Also I've been meeting a bunch of YouTube stars. Pewdiepie I met him the last time he was in Japan and he had a cold and I told him to go to the ears nose and throat doctor. Dan and Phil, I met them on omegle and Rachel and Jun who actually wanted to meet me. Idk why though. I'm starting a otherkin and actual werewolf pack on Kik so pm me and we'll talk or whatever


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