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Name: magikmatty3
Birthday: Jan 11 2001
Location: NM, USA
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 05 Aug 2015

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Hi I'm matthew or the many names that I have on this site if you can recognise my face it all started with me at 8 yrs old with a account name of magiktroll and now it's magikmatty2 and 14 yrs old my have the times changed so for all my old friends find and friend me so for new buddies here's what you need to know I teach TRANSFORMATION info for my class is at the very bottom of my bio send me a recent photo of you I can probably tell your future if you need help chances are I can always help but don't feel bad if I just point you to a spell on the site if its already here for you I won't go out of my to help when its right in front of you and Iwill believe what I want to I won't shove my opinions and beliefs down you throat so dont do it to me but other than over the internet sermons LOVE conversation I get lonely :( jk but don't be afraid to talk by the way little random YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED :-) p.s check out my photo album it expands whenever I'm bored and I promise never photoshopped so check it out


Hermetic principles teach the world is a illusion in the mind of the all what magik does is it bends the illusion at your will -kybalion and me

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------here's my version of "if you have a heart repost" things these have run like a disease on peoples prfiles that range anywhere form antibullying to child abuse and I'd just like to say look I'm not trying to be mean or cruel and yes I know the struggle I have a heart or at least half of one but I'm pretty sure putting a mini after school service program message on your profile isn't helping somebody what helps is actually going up to that person and asking one question DO YOU NEED A FRIEND that's all it takes and I have not seen that on any profile PROOf you care but you can you can actually help now DON'T ever repost or guilt trip someone into following a weak anti bullying message trend on there profiles don't repost it is annoying unoriginal boring and pathetic to say in the least now go out there and PROVE that you care


Transformation class:

let me just say there is alot of contreversy covering this subject of magic and I do not disagree or condone with it everybodys beliefs are different and im saying I have a different beliefs and research that I to share with all who are willing to believe in something different now I of course get of young practioners but ive had my occasional teen or adults but why do I get alot of young practitioners of magic well the short answer is they believe it the long answer is kids are not dumb or confused they just believe more is possible remember as a 4 yr. old you thought a jolly fat man dressed in red was gonna come down a give you presents an the same thing with a anthropomophic bunny but as adults or teens we are told if its seems to good to be true it is and therefore as we get older our trust circle diminishes therefore we dissmiss things like this class as not real and it really shatters me to see everywhere on evrybodys profile saying that this isnt real and I really would like more adult students to open there eyes to a whole new field of magic and with that said heres my transformation class description First off thanks for reading the description of my class this is a crash course in transformation witch is great for advanced or begginers I know I'm teaching a "unteachable" subject and many may call me a fluff although I'm not and I have several students and a good 4-5 years to support this statement of fact if you give me a chance and have a open mind I promise I will open the flood gates of new magickal studies and magickal ideas my class comes in 2 styles of diffilcuty begginer,advanced the begginer class includes a quick intro to magic what youll learn what you get from magic how to cast the basics and simple transformations or changes my advanced class will first learn nearly full body transformations and mastering your new craft please note you may skip any part of the classes and if you would like I will just turn you into a vampire or werewolf or fairy whatever without taking the class if you want you would like to take my free class in the subject line in the mail CLASS all capitals and I'll tell you what you need

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- as above so below -kybalion


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