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Name: Facting
Birthday: May 23
Location: The lands of Zabatan
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 02 Oct 2017


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Good morning, afternoon or evening, one reading. I go by the name of Achlys or simply AG-N. I am currently 15 years old, but please, I ask of you not to underestimate me for such age. My plans in life are of traveling away from my birth country to learn and practice photography and cryptozoology, having a full life filled with experiences, laughs, memories and many voyages around the Earth. I may do so by degreeing in mechatronic engineering, gathering enough money to finally "flee from my country cage". If you are interested in my current photography pictures, you can watch me on my DeviantArt: TheTheoryTheorycal (not all my photos are there, specially not the ones I find the best, but I for long don't renew it and don't have near plans of doing so).

I know my orientation or personal relationships don't matter here, specially on such a site where topics about true identity of Magic reside, but just to clarify things: I am a pansexual. I am aware it's description is much like bisexuality but it isn't quite the same. I myself am attracted by certain aspects of a person's behaviour and body, quite " queer " aspects if I must say so, and no, I shall not get into details (gladly).

I do not have any religion, but I do have my own beliefs of ethic and moral. I have came back to this site after a long time as a much more sceptic and critical mind than before, but my true beliefs reside deep in within me and here is one of the few places where I can express, embrace and remember myself that they exist and that they linger inside. I also do believe that all and any deities could exist, but I may also chose not to follow any of them. I do, though, have an interest in native cultures, such as mayans, aztecs and incas; indian groups such as some present in the brazilian and north american culture and I also do have quite some interest in celtic culture.

At the moment, I am most centered on:

  • School school school
  • Elements and elementals
  • Other languages, patterns and symbols
  • Fabrication and enchanting of amulets and charms
  • Tribes and other cultures lores and beliefs
  • Astral projection and out of body experiences
  • Spirits, entietes and deities
  • Soulwork, self work
  • Divination

The site listed as my website is NOT mine. " " has assisted me a lot through certain periods of my life and that is one of the reasons I decided to share it. The links available are: a link to their main page, which will further explain about the creators, the site and also lead you to other useful pages and a video also introducing a small part of who they are and what they offer. Please, do check it out if you are interested, I am most sure you will not regret it.

If you message me just to engage in meaningless conversations which usually have just a " Hi ", " Hello ", " How are you? ", etc. Know that I willprobably not answer and/or if I do, I may be rude. But, if your message does concern interest fulfilling intentions than just wanting to " say hi " and/or " be friends " I'll be glad to have such a discourse with you.

Thank you for reading this through, best regards from a not so frequent member, and remember to ALWAYS praise life .


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