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Name: Flighty
Birthday: Dec 21
Location: Somewhere in the U.S of A
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 10 Apr 2015

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Greetings, welcome to my profile! I'm October, or Flighty, whichever you prefer. I'm currently 15, and I've been dabbling in the world of Wicca for a while now. I mainly use crystals, herbs, and a bit of candle and incense magick for my rituals, so I don't have a certain way of doing things. I enjoy making my own organic teas and incenses, and I also offer tarot readings to my friends. I'm somewhat of a "closet" witch, as my Christian family does not know, and I've been able to keep the secret while still buying tarot cards, crystals, and other witchy things. However, some of my close friends do know, and are very supportive of it, which I've very grateful for. I use mainly Nordic gods and goddesses, with a few exceptions, usually only with Celtic gods and goddesses, or specified gods and goddesses of Wicca, such as the Horned God and the Mother Goddess.

I have two dogs, and 25 cats, 24 of which are outdoor cats that live within my neighborhood that I feed, name, and take care of. My 25th is a year old Siberian male cat named Sherlock. He's my little boy, and I often refer to him as my familiar, as he's the animal I am closest with.

If anyone needs assistance with Norse or Celtic deities, crystal or herbal magick, or incense and tea making, I'd be glad to help, even if it require a little research on my part. Thank you for visiting my profile!! Blessed Be~

Note: If you would like to reach me, and my message box is full, you cannot send mail, etc., below is where you can find me at besides here:

Tumblr Account:

On this account, please let me know who you are, what your question is, or what you'd like to discuss, and that you're from this website! Thanks!



Sun Sign: Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp

Moon Sign: Gemini

Rising Sun:Pisces


Wicca Path: Eclectic (Mix of mainly Teutonic and Celtic Wicca)

Elements: Fire and Earth

Currently Studying: Tarot and Pendulum Reading, Astral Projection, Herbs and their Magickal uses, Celtic and Norse Mythology, The Victorian Language of Flowers


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