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Name: Spellshooter
Location: My room
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 21 Aug 2015

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Um im not good at bio's.Im a really nice guy and i love mail so message me

Anything you want to know about me ask well have a good day

I believe we all love someone for the pain we get when we tell the person that you love them and when they leave you your not sad because they leave your sad because you know you wont get to feel that pain no more but when someone leaves you you feel the pain again but very strong. Am i wrong? Or right? Please feel free to tell me something this is how i feel about that emotion and if i am wrong i am glad to hear opinions on why im wrong and what is correct.

Haha don't judge me I thought this was the shit

Me, behave? Seriously? As a child I saw Tarzan almost naked, Cinderella arrived home after midnight, Pinocchio told lies, Aladdin was a thief, Batman drove over 200 miles an hour, Snow White lived in a house with 7 men, Popeye smoked a pipe and had tattoos, Pac Man ran around to digital music while eating pills that enhanced his performance, and Shaggy and Scooby were mystery solving hippies that always had the munchies. The fault is not mine! If you had this childhood and loved it, repost!"

Childhood song: by the beetles

Joan was quizzical, studied pataphysical

Science in the home

Late nights all alone with a test-tube ohh oh oh oh

Maxwell Edison majoring in medicine

Calls her on the phone

Can I take you out to the pictures, Joan?

But as she's getting ready to go

A knock comes on the door

Bang, bang, Maxwell's silver hammer

Came down upon her head

Bang, bang, Maxwell's silver hammer

Made sure that she was dead

Back in school again Maxwell plays the fool again

Teacher gets annoyed

Wishing to avoid an unpleasant scene

She tells Max to stay when the class has gone away

So he waits behind

Writing 50 times "I must not be so" oh oh oh

But when she turns her back on the boy

He creeps up from behind

Bang, bang, Maxwell's silver hammer

Came down upon her head

Do do do do do

Bang, bang, Maxwell's silver hammer

Made sure that she was dead

P.C. Thirty-One said "We caught a dirty one"

Maxwell stands alone

Painting testimonial pictures ohh oh oh oh

Rose and Valerie screaming from the gallery

Say he must go free (Maxwell must go free)

The judge does not agree and he tells them so oh oh oh

But as the words are leaving his lips

A noise comes from behind

Bang, bang, Maxwell's silver hammer

Came down upon his head

Do do do do do

Bang, Bang, Maxwell's silver hammer

Made sure that he was dead

Wow wow wow oh!

Do do do do do

Silver hammer Max


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