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Name: Fox_Dani
Birthday: 1999
Location: Straya
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 07 Jul 2016

Membership: Member

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Hey I'm Dani or Dan.... I'm odd and can be random so if you do message me.. Be prepared for my strangeness! My nick name is fox, but originally was foxface....long story..your more then welcome to message me anything I don't bite....hard anyway.

If you every just need someone to talk to.. I'm here for you :)

If you want some advice... I'll try my best to help you..

Sorry if the was I talk annoys you!

I can be childish or a pain but that's proberly cause I jsut want to stir you up...cause it's fun..

I've got no 'abilitys' as such, like being a medien or psychic or clairvoyants.

I'm interested in crystals and healing... More then happy to learn if you have advice for me :)

Little lesson I learnt........

If we can see he beauty in others why can't we see it in ourselves.

They say we should love ourselves before others, that we should learn to accept ourself...but it's not that easy

Sometimes it takes someone else to accept us and love us first. Then we can learn to love ourselves through their eyes and accept who we truely are inside.

Everyone is different, everyone has secrets. Each and everyone of us is like a book. We have diffrentsecrets locked up inside. Some of us choose not to lock it and let others know what's inside. Others have it locked up so tight, it suffercates them and confines them to a tiny space full of secrets and memories that are slowly killing you.

Friend are those people who u give a key to,they ask you and they find out the truth.

But some people prefer to use pins and pick the lock. They see the true you and they find out things u wanted to keep in..... But deep down something's are better off someone knowing.... So they can help you release that secret that's suffercating you... And would have killed you in side.

Everything happens for a reason, you might ask why me. It's because if it was someone else, they would react different. But you react in our own way, no matter what it's an experience. Things might happen after that related to the past, but since you have felt with it...... You can help others.

The power of your word if more powerful then you think

Say "you look nice", to that girl.... She was about to do commit suicide because a guy in her class called her fat and ugly.

Say I love you to that special person.. Family or friend..... It might be the last time you see them.

Stop and think before you swear at them.......they have a father that bashes them every day and night and swears at them like no tomorrow.. At home.....they don't need you doing it to!

Think about what you do or say to people.... It might be the last thing you do or say OR the last thing they hear or see.

We can never have that moment when we have the 'first'....... Like your first kiss. You'll never have a first kiss again.. Your first home.. Your first love..... Your first child.....your first time doing something ...... The first word you said....first thing u saw

It will never happen again

That's why we remember that the most cause it won't happen again!

Favourite songs at the moment... In the end...... fallen angels- Black veil brides

Grenade(cover)- Within temptation


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