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Name: merlin071
Birthday: Oct 26 1988
Location: Chicago
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 13 Sep 2015

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I am Larry mix Filipino, African American, and Spaniards. I am born and raised in the Philippines with various back ground. Were I grew up is very conservative. Now talking about my life. I entered the craft at the age of eleven in the Early 2000 millennial. When I was younger my interest in astrology, palmistry, and fengshui, therefore, its all I am interested in studying because my mother brought me tuns of astrology and horoscope books and all I did study the solar, moon, and planetary astrology. Then at the age of eighteen after my grandfathers death of in the early 2006 then found out my family generations as witches. Born as catholic later found out the religion babaylan the tribal magic of Filipino along with African diaspora in the Philippines culture the orishas. Later on as Santeria dealing with saints and orishas syncritism. In that time I focused in Wicca and witchcraft and also ceremonial magick.I been initiated in the age of eighteen with some voudon practitioners as saneros and paganism in some coven. These events of initiation happened in different time zone. even though my bloodline is Santeria I get initiated in the pagan religion after that few years later when I am ready in the Santeria religion. When my great grandpa pass his powers to me I developed allot of magical abilities. Growing up I developed the abilities of Clairvoyance and after my grandpas death multiple abilities and its increasing throughout the years of practice and mastering the arts of witchcraft.I focused all my magic and practice in dragon magick along with ceremonial magick. Nevertheless, I focused on my blood line magic Santeria and the paganism with Hecate. In the Philippines were I am from magick is very powerful and been believe as strong forces of strenght in the arts of magick.I am specialized in healing arts and helping people also a teacher now. In the past most of my teachers in the craft is very intelligent and has vast of knowledge. My masters are from voudon, Santeria, and Paganism along with Egyptian magick. One of my masters in the art passed away 2012 and passed all she study about Egyptian magic however, my focus is Santeria and the orishas had helped me along with my guardian spirits to my astral guides.I am very specialized i healing, massages and also divination like stone runes, tarot, cards and also just my psychic abilities. Also i teaches people who have abilities with warm welcomed in the craft for many years now since 2010.I also love to share my knowledge and guide people in the craft so they know what to do.


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