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Name: kalamadae
Location: Western Australia
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 03 Nov 2016

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Personal Bio
Furry by association, partial fursuiter, art and mostly by my visual representation as Kalandria Meowkitty. Down to earth, spiritually minded with a broad spectrum of beliefs therian and otherkin, lover of all forms of art including music, photography, and theatre. Spare time, which I rarely have these days I'm an Artist. Working towards a career to do with Wetland and Environmental Conservation. Eventually want to settle as a Prof. in Entomology and Arachnopology as anyone who knows me knows I just cant keep my paws off spiders!

Solid believer in spiritual and physical balance. In a partner I always seek he (or she) who both opposes and will balance my own energy, I also like to surround myself with a variety of energies and people, to better my learning and experience in the world. I am told I have a very old soul, I have seen much before, but my journey has only strengthened my love for life and all its wonders. I see myself as a Protector of Mother Earth and her children and a Guide for those lost in their path. But I have also learned I cannot help everyone.

As a person I thrive on my individuality and solitary path. It is what has kept me going and I have faced many of my challenges in life without friends or family by my side. I take strength from this that I have become a very strong individual in self. But despite all accomplishments, I am still human in body and mind and I am lonely of sorts. So I seek companionship with familiar minds and am currently on a path of forming new and hopefully long lasting friendships.

Solitary Wiccan & Various Other Beliefs, including but not limited to Taosim, Shinto, Buddhism, Paganism, Christianity. I am not religious in nature, my path is unique to me alone.

Spiritual Mentors/Entities: Lunar, Hecate, Bastet, Artemis

Otherkin/Therian identities: Feline, Fox & Dragon dominantly

Elemental Influences: Light & Water

Astral Influences: Moon & Earth

Totem Animals: Owls, Cats, Dragons, Spiders

Practices: Herbal Healing, Astral Travel, Feminine Magicks, Protection & Spiritual Healing, Light Working, Energy Work, Tarot, Crystals.

Seeking to learn: Animal Familiars, Further enlightenment, Inner peace, A Community Bond, Lucid Dreaming

Also a great lover of Skyrim and draw much from the personalities from these Daedric Lords - Lord Hircine of the Hunt, Nocturnal of the Nightingales. I considered them worth mentioning, although fictional, as my interest in them for those who play Skyrim reflect a lot about my spiritual drives in life. Hircine is my inner animal and Nocturnal my cloak of darkness, protection of my Self. I'm also a Werewolf at heart, sorry vampires :P but i still love vampires IRL just not Skyrim ones ^^


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