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Name: ISeeU
Birthday: Dec 10 2000
Location: Your worst Nightmare
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 10 Feb 2017

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
** Note: I will be online and offline at random points in time, so do not expect an instant answer nor an answer that makes sense.


Ooo Looky here, a new bio.... how fascinating of me.

The same messages still stand, simply revised and added to.

Let's start with a FAQ

Q. Are you crazy/ur fakin it

A. That depends on your definition of sane, for example, the psychopath test. Anything over 30 is bad. I got 34. Wish I got 40 out of 40, but I don't have jail charges yet.

Q.Don't you have morals?

A. No. My family has but one rule: Don't get caught.

Q.Are you single?

A. Yes and No. Yes, by status, but no. I will not accept anyone from this website pathetic enough to ask, and the only one I seek is my obsession.

Q. What is your obsession, are you like a yandere?

A. Sure, if that's what you want to call my obsession. The definition of Yandere is Sick Lover, correct? If you were to classify me as this archetype, I would be an obsessive yandere.

Q. Why are you on a magic website kid?

A. Really? Is this question really necessary. I would say the same to you. To study.

Q. What religion are you?

A. There is no answer that would define a religion. Atheist. The definition of atheist is someone who does not believe in one set religion, not "believes in nothing"

Q.Can you teach me?

A. Depends. I don't come on here very often.

Q.Do you want to be my friend :)

A. No. I don't give a shit about you, your life or petty problems. Go ahead, kill yourself. It has no consequence to me. There is only one thing I 'care' about in this world, and it's not you.

Q.What do you like to do in your spare time?

A.In my spare time, I find pleasure in studying torture, anatomy, watching anime, riding horses and listening to music.

I also commonly play video games if I find their plot interesting, and my "favourite" games are The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Journey.

Q. Fav food/color?

A.My favourite food is sugar, and my favourite colour is royal purple.

Q. Spirit animal/Zodiac?

A.My Zodiac is Saggitarius

My spirit animal is the Owl, the silent flier, patient and wise.

My element is fire

Ruling planet is Jupiter

Ruling number is 3

Born in the year of the Dragon

Birthstone is Turquoise

Other notes:

Do not send me messages without a title, or just to say "hi". If you want something, get to the point and we'll see if my interest is peaked.


I can teach you in certain aspects, but if I am willing, you must accept the consequences and be sure you want me as a teacher.

Things I study/teach:


Alchemy (poisons)


Black magic

Dragon magic

Demon magic

Phsycic-ness (not sure how to describe)



And I will dabble in white magics occasionally.



Root: open 25%

Sacral: under active 12%

Navel: over active 69%

Heart: under active -31%

Throat: over active 81%

Third Eye: over active 91%

Crown: open 34%


Random Stuff:

Has drank any alcohol (X)

Smoked (X)

Drank beer (X)

Felt like dying (X)

Cried to sleep (X)

Hated someone (X)

Loved someone (X)

Dated ( )

Kissed( )

Went to jail ( )

Made someone laugh (X)

Made someone cry (X)

Is straight (X)

Is lesbian ( )

Is bisexual ( )

Is unsure ( )

Hates hugs (X)

Likes hugs ( )

Been to hospital (X)

Had a crush (X)

Had someone have a crush on you (X)

Has cut (X)

Likes to cut (X)

Has never cut ( )

Bullies (X)

Bullied (X)

Been out of the country (X)

Been out of the state (X)

Knows another language (X)

Loves animals (X)

Has been betrayed ( )

Outcasted (X)


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