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Name: DollAsylum
Birthday: Feb 5 2000
Location: CA California crestline
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 14 Aug 2016

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Personal Bio
I am not your personal toy nor am I safe to play with......

The world is filled with lies and propaganda.

Life is one big roleplay, a lie, a Fantasy, and filled with corruption ,nothing in life is true or real.

I am plastic, I am artificial, my Beauty is just a mask and my sanity is fake.

My life was one big sarcastic lie, when people say I'm Beautiful they were being sarcastic,

Boys treat me like I was theres in the beginning of time, that I am there property.

In the first book Genesis in the Bible, woman was the first to sin, to betray God then draw men in and join them in the pleasure of sin.

Which means in the bible, woman are evil...

God and the stories of the bible is sexist and vary disrespectful towards women,

The Bible say that us women should respect and obey man and bend over backwards for them, and that we are servants and slaves to man and bare they're children, that woman have no freedom and forced to live the lie they have given us to live in,

And is tired he stays were just toys and games for them to play with...

I do not agree with the Bible, the Bible is wrong and corrupted, saying whoever do not follow and believe in the word of the lord, they should be punish and tortured to death for the rest of the afterlife forever and ever....

I will not bend over for man,

I will not serve man,

I Will not bow down to man,

I will not listen and take in all the propaganda.

And never in 1 billion years will I ever marry believe a word from and trust a corrupted man of God and give them everything that I own.

That only true God in the whole world is lord Satan, mighty lucifer, the creator of the universe,

He have send a Guardian demon to watch me, to protect me ever since I was born...

What ever you think is fake, definitely exist.

Whoever thought the franchises back in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's are just Fiction,

Think again......

Whatever you find ugly is beautiful,

Whatever you find unattractive is very attractive indeed,

Whatever you think does not exist, does exist,

Is no point Fighting with me, it's going to get you nowhere,

People are around us are hypocrites and also in denial,

There so scared of the truth they get pissed off and make you look bad,

And fellow sisters and brothers, demons and spirits, there is no such thing as sin nor God, lord Jesus Christ,

It's all part of the corrupted game to create world domination, to have control and dominate everyone's lives....

And remember this....

I am the doll that watches you sleep, I am the doll that follows you, I am your worst nightmare, I know everything about you and what you do...

And I am always In corner of the room, watching, stocking and singing, don't think you can hide from me, don't think I don't know, because I am always watching, with hollow eyes, singing a song, knowing your every move...

So sleep tight, don't let creature bite .....


Hollow eyes...

Singing a song......


Creeping in your home......

Your never alone........


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